Why I Regret Buying the 16GB New iPad

In March, I decided to pick up the new iPad, Apple’s third-generation tablet. I bought the 16GB model, the same amount of storage space that I had on my iPad 2. Before I bought the new iPad, I had doubts that the 16GB would be enough space and unfortunately, those worries have now played out into real-life.


Over the past few months, I hadn’t had too much trouble with the 16GB limit on my iPad. However, that’s because the device never left my house. With the iPad 3, I’ve started to take the iPad 3 out of the house more and more, especially when traveling. This is something that I never did with my iPad 2 and it’s not something I saw coming when I decided to pick up the 16GB model.

Essentially, it has become clear that I absolutely needed to buy a larger iPad, something that I might end up doing in the not-so-distant future. So, in an attempt to maybe persuade or dissuade some of you from picking up the 16GB new iPad, here are some thoughts on my last month or so dealing with the precious storage space found on the slate.

I definitely need more space on my new iPad.


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It’s Not for Power Users

When my iPad 2 was my main device, I didn’t consider myself a power user. The device rarely, if ever, left the house, and I only used it to watch the occasional video or answer email. I also used it to browse the web.

With the iPad 3, I have definitely turned into a power user. One of the reasons is because of how good the Retina Display looks. Because of it, I have started reading books, extensively surfing the web, and even doing work directly from the iPad itself.

It also features a powerful processor that, combined with the Retina Display, provides for powerful gaming. I have started using the iPad kind of like how I used the GameBoy back when I was a kid.

In addition, as time has gone on, I’ve started making use of the extensive App Store. From productivity tools, to an application called djay that I use to mix music for fun, I am using my new iPad more and more on the go.

Problem is, doing all of this requires space and lots of it. And unfortunately, space is limited on my 16GB model. It has become a bit of chore deleting books, music and apps I download to free up space.


One app in particular that I play a lot is FIFA 12 which recently got updated to support Retina graphics. I had to uninstall 10 different things in order to get the update. The app itself is now well over 1GB of in size as well. That’s 1/16th of the iPad. And again, that’s just one game.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

It’s Not Good For Traveling

Recently, I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ll make this clear. Being limited to the 16GB is not conducive to traveling. When I travel, I always look for things to pass the time whether it’s books, movies, or apps. I consume far more storage then when my iPad is at home.

I recently went on a trip and found a host of things that I wanted to download but also, a host of things that I didn’t want to delete to make room for the new stuff. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Of course, all of this could have been alleviated had I bought an iPad with a larger amount of storage space.


But If You Just Want Something for the House…

I will say this though. If you’re planning on never taking the iPad out of the house, a 16GB model is probably going to work for you. However, as time goes on, and your use cases increase and you start becoming more comfortable with your device, you may wind up like me, regretting the amount of storage space on your brand new iPad.