5 Things I’d Change About the Google Nexus 7

Earlier today, Google finally unveiled its oft-rumored Google Nexus 7 tablet. The device is going to be launching in July for $199 and it’s made by Asus, the manufacturer behind the popular Transformer Android tablet line.

Google’s Nexus 7 is going to be arriving with some pretty nice features, especially at its low price point. It offers a 7-inch IPS display with HD 1280×800 resolution. It also packs in a Tegra 3 quad-core processor that should provide for things like flawless multitasking and good battery life.

It also features a front-facing camera for video chatting purposes, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth support, and up to 9 hours of HD video. Google’s first Nexus tablet will also run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right out of the box, software that Google announced today at Google I/O.

However, with all of the good stuff that’s coming with the tablet, there are also some features that are missing. Here are five features that I wish the Google Nexus 7 had on board.


4G LTE Option

Google stuck with a Wi-Fi only option with the Nexus 7. That means that those looking for a Nexus tablet with cellular data are just going to have to wait. Personally, I would have loved to have seen a Nexus 7 4G LTE option.

While I decided not to get a 4G LTE iPad, the decision was mainly because of the screen size. It’s a burden to carry around all of the time. A 7-inch tablet is a much easier thing to handle when on-the-go and I would have heavily considered picking up a 4G LTE version of the device.

I have a feeling many others probably feel the same way, especially now that 4G LTE and its extremely fast data speeds are common place.

More Storage

The Nexus 7 is going to come with two storage options. An 8GB model and a 16GB model. As I’ve said, I’m having regrets about buying a 16GB iPad. I can’t even fathom having a tablet device, being the media consumption device that it is, that only has 8GB. I just can’t. Even 16GB is a stretch for me, and will be for most power users.

It would have been nice to see Google include, at the very least, a 32GB option. And better yet, I would have loved to have seen a 64GB model in play as well. This is the first Nexus tablet though and I hope that more storage is on the menu for future Nexus tablets.


MicroSD Card Slot

OK, so Google decided not to offer a ton of storage space on the Nexus 7 tablet. That would be much easier to swallow if a microSD card slot for expanded storage was included on the device.

However, like the Galaxy Nexus, Google and its manufacturing partner opted to leave this feature off of the device which means owners will be stuck with either 8GB or 16GB or storage.

Good luck.

Rear Camera

The Nexus 7 doesn't have a rear camera.

A majority of tablet owners don’t use the rear camera on their tablet on a regular basis. It’s awkward and tablets don’t shoot the best photos or video. However, I would have at least liked to have had the option, especially on a 7-inch tablet.

As I’ve said, a 7-inch tablet is more liable to come with me when I’m on the go. It’s also much easier to hold than a 9.7-inch tablet like the iPad. And while I probably wouldn’t take photos often, there would definitely be times where having a rear camera on my Nexus 7 would have been convenient.

A Killer Feature

To me, the Nexus 7 lacks a killer feature, something that screams “buy me instead of the Kindle Fire or the new iPad.” Sure, it has vanilla Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but that alone doesn’t really make me want to plop down $200.

Other than that and the price, there is really nothing that jumps out at me. The quad-core processor is not a necessity for me and it’s not going to be for a lot of other people either.

A unique software feature for the Nexus 7 would have intrigued me. Unrivaled battery life would have probably at least made me consider picking one up.

I would have included something that clearly differentiated this tablet from all of the other Android tablets, and the iPad, something beyond vanilla Android and the price point.


  1. Number 8 has to be,I want to use it as a phone so i don’t have to carry two bits of stuff with me.

  2. It doesn’t need a killer feature, it’s better than the Kindle Fire in every way. That’s all it needs to be.

    • Except for the ecosystem … which Amazon already proved mattered more.

      How do I know I am right? Did the $249 Galaxy Tab 7.0 2 take off like the Kindle Fire? Um … no.

      Google’s ecosystem is objectively inferior to both Amazon and Apple – by a LOT. People like Google as ‘free’, but not for $$.

      Of course … none of that slowed my race to click the pre-order button … :) I love 7″ tablet size and this seems sweet.

  3. Jeez brah, did you expect the damn thing to be able to drive you to work or something? Its a vanilla 4.1 premium 7-incher for $200! Two hundred dollars dude.

  4. You legit should be fired. You suck at writing and this is the worst opinion ever. This thing kills the kindle fire, idk what drugs you’re on but can I have som? And 8gb is more than enough. Ever heard of cloud storage bro? Want 4G? It’s called tethering. Micro SD slot? iPads don’t have it, so you cant say that. Rear camera on tablet is the most useless thing ever, you’ll look like a pedophile trying to take pictures in public. This article, overall fail. Good day sir

  5. This is just a terrible article. It has Jelly Bean, a quad core processor, 12 core GPU, it’s HD, and you complain about no killer features and lack of a camera? You would exchange any of that for a 2MP camera?

    Let’s thank Google you work here and not with them.

  6. At $200, you don’t need a killer feature. But the lack of expandable storage killed the tablet for me. It’s not like it came with a 32GB option.

  7. You can have Tegra3 graphics or you can have LTE. Not both. They are currently incompatible. The SGS3 is an exmaple of this. The international version has quad core A9 ARM + Tegra 3. The US version has dual core A15 ARM. Once Tegra becomes compatible with LTE, you’ll see Google roll out a Nexus 8 with Tegra4 and LTE. That’ll be awesome. For now though, it’s a pretty damned compelling device. IPS screen, great battery life, Tegra3 graphics, WiFi… JellyBean is just the extra sweetness on top of the frosting. ;)

  8. I have preordered it after checking that it had latest android, tegra3, 12 core gpu and display and ofcourse price :) . I enjoyed reading the user comments than the article ;)

  9. After my first go-round with Android tablets (10″ Tegra 2 device rooted with HoneyComb ROM) I have been waiting (deviceless) for a year, waiting for something worthwhile at the $200 price point.

    I was fully prepared to wait until Hades froze over. FINALLY the Nexus 7 has offered some poor souls relief from the heat.

    Quad-Core Tegra 3 horsepower and IPS display with multi-GB storage is what I was waiting for. If this is not good enough, what could possibly make you happy?

    Like Momma always said, “If you are TOO DARN picky, you’re gonna stay hungry a LOT of the time.”

  10. Number one, I personally don’t need the 4G LTE cause I already have a smartphone. Number two, as for the microsd slot, just connect a 32g card with an adaptor via the usb slot, duh. Number three, go back to number two. Number four, go back to number one. Number five, agree that it’s the price which is killer.

  11. needs cellular data, tablets shine in the field for work and this is where apple has taken a big market share, without cellular data I am a user who would be unable to use this device because I need a tablet to sign digital contracts in the field or check my email on the fly, I can do it on my smart phone but would like to have a bigger screen for customers to sign on digitally.

  12. I agree with the article, it is 100% on the spot. I feel the same.
    I don;t feel like spending money, no matter how cheap this thing is, if I am going to always feel “something’s missing”.
    I am going to wait for another tablet that will have 4G, MicroSD, and dual camera. I don’t care if it’s a bit slower or not the latest and greatest OS. As long as price is at same $200 range and I feel it is usable everywhere and in any situation.

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