Google By the Numbers: Android, Google Play, Google+

Today at their Google I/O 2012 Event for developers, Google announced some significant numbers.


Hugo Berra of Google took the stage and bragged that the company’s Android device activations grew a lot over the last two years. Compared with 400,000 activations of Android smartphones and tablets by this time in 2011 and 1 Million devices in 2012, they reached the 400 Million activations mark already in 2012.

Google now activates 400,000 Android devices a day.

“That’s about 12 new Android devices every second of every day,” Berra stated.


In 2011 they activated 400,000 devices each day. Today Google activates about 1 Million devices per day.


We can all agree that’s a huge number, but one must wonder if this gets a little bloated because of the number of hard-core users who keep flashing their phones and tablets with new ROMs causing a “new activation” each time they do. Even if you factor this phenomena into the numbers, Google can understandably brag about these numbers.

If you compare their numbers to Apple’s recent announcement, you see that Apple announced that they recorded 400 Million user accounts in 2012. Considering the reactivation situation mentioned above, you’d have to say that Apple still has an edge on Google.

Google also announced that the Google Play Store reached the 600,000 app mark. In addition, they said that users downloaded and installed 20 Billion apps in total.

Again, by comparison, Apple claims to host 650,000 apps with 250,000 designed for the iPad. Google didn’t break down how many of their apps were made for tablets.

The company also broke down the stats for its Google+ social networking service. In just over a year, 250 million people have upgraded to Google+. Of those 250 million people, Google says that there are 150 million people active on the service. Of those, 50% sign in to their accounts daily and spend 60 minutes or more logged into their account.


Google says that a majority of Google+ users are using the service from mobile rather than from desktop and the company announced a new Google+ app for tablets, the iPad included, in response.