Google+ Is Finally Coming to iPad and Android Tablets

Google is finally bringing Google+ to Android tablets and the iPad.

The new Google+ for tablets will arrive in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store “soon.” Both apps will feature a new stream layout that looks similar to the phone versions, except it scrolls both vertically and horizontally depending on how the device is held. The larger screens also mean photos will appear much larger than they do on the phone apps, as the image from The Verge shows.


As in the phone apps, Google+ for tablets will feature Hangouts, so users will finally be able to video chat with multiple people at once on their iPad or Android tablet. Users no longer have to use a pixel-doubled version of the Google+ app on the iPad for Hangouts or any other features.

The new tablet apps will also bring in some new features like a redesigned profile page, and the new Google+ Events. Those new features come to the Android phone app today, and will presumably come to the iPhone app when the iPad app launches soon.


A tablet version of Google+ will make the social network a bit more fun to use for users, especially users who are friends with Google+ users who post a lot of photos on the service. With any luck, the new apps will help make Google+ more popular. The apps are very slick, and more interesting than Facebook’s (more stable, too), but they’re ultimately useless if users don’t have any friends on the service.