Google Nexus Q Revealed As “The First Social Streaming Media Player”

We already know Google is getting ready to announce the Nexus 7 tablet at Google I/O, but the company also has another product to announce: the Nexus Q.


Android Police has an image of the new device, which Google claims is “the first social streaming media player.” What exactly that means, we’re not sure. Right now we only assume the device connects to Android tablets and smartphones to stream content to other sources.

The device is simply a black sphere with a blue line around part of it and a small blue light on the front. The back has a few cables coming out, but we don’t know what they attach to yet.


A video of the device shows that it can connect to an HDTV or speakers. The Nexus Q plays media content from the cloud with not need for local storage. Users select media to play on the device in the Play apps on Android devices, and it plays the songs or videos from the cloud.


The social part of the device is that multiple users can control the queue of a single Nexus Q device. Any number of Android devices in the same area can control what the group listens to. Other devices can only be controlled by one user at a time.

The Nexus Q sounds like a great device for parties with a bunch of friends that have Android phones. The only downside is, according to The Next Web, the device will cost $300, which is a bit more expensive than similar streaming devices.