Google Project Glass Explorer Edition Costs $1500, Ships Next Year

Google announced their much-anticipated Google Project Glass coming first only to developers from the United States (due to regulatory issues) who attended the Google I/O 2012 event. The glasses give users see a heads-up display of pertinent data and record video and still images. The first edition will cost a whopping $1500 on pre-order. The glasses won’t ship till next year for those who can get one.


The camera-equipped glasses let users view their environment with an overlay of information. For example, if I’m wearing them and I walk up to my friend and he’s in my contact database, his name will show up along with other information. It will also let me see what’s around me using Google maps. An API will let developers add more functionality.

google project glass preorder for 1500 ships next year

The project received an impressive emphasis during the Google I/O Keynote with an amazing sky-diving video that showed off the device. Google CEO Sergey Brin did a hangout with skydivers falling from high above the Moscone Center wearing prototypes. Then, bikers and climbers carried the glasses to him on stage. You can see the video below.


Brin told attendees that they could get their hands on Project Glass to test it and use it before the rest of us so they can build the great apps that will make use of the new technology. In an apologetic tone, he said they will not ship till next year because it was such new technology.


The delay means consumers won’t see the glasses until some time next year, possibly before the holiday buying season. At $1,500 for the developer unites, how much with the consumer versions cost?