The Modbook Mac Tablet is Back

Modbook is teasing a new Mac tablet on its Facebook page and promising full details tomorrow. The original Modbook debuted at MacWorld Expo 2007 as a modified 13″ MacBook turned tablet. Apple fans all but forgot about the device once the iPad launched, but a refreshed model could be very interesting for those who find the iPad too limiting when it comes to content creation.


From the looks of the teaser images, it appears the OS X tablet is based  on a 13″ MacBook Air and features an active digitizer. The digitizer on the original Modbook was provided by Wacom and we’ll likely see the same this time around. This means users will have much more control when inking and drawing compared to the iPad.

Axiotron, the company behind the Modbook, had limited success selling complete Modbooks through  Other World Computing, its retail partner. The company also offered expensive conversion its through authorized technicians.

The new Modbook, an OS X Tablet

Above is the Modbook teaser image. A thick black bezel wraps around the display. The two-part bezel appears much thicker than what’s found on MacBook displays. This is likely to accommodate the digitizer and the stylus.


The Modbook Stylus and storage garage


Whatever this new Modbook ends up looking like, it’ll be much more expensive than the iPad, which starts at just $499. At the minimum, the price will factor in the cost of a $999 MacBook Air, a $200 or so digitizer and other parts needed to convert the notebook into a slate. Add in labor, marketing and others costs of business and you’re looking at one pricey tablet. The cost could run somewhere in the $2,000 range if the new Modbook is based on the 13″ MacBook Air.

The past two weeks were packed with tablet news. Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet last Monday, thrusting itself into the Windows hardware business. Google introduced its Nexus 7 Android tablet  at its Google I/O conference. now redirects to, which mentions a new company Modbook Inc.

Stay tuned for more news about the new Mac tablet. It won’t be for everyone, but many professionals and artists will pay just about anything to get the best of both worlds.