Why You Should Wait for the iPhone 5

WWDC 2012 has come and gone without an iPhone 5 announcement, leaving many consumers wondering about whether they should wait for an iPhone 5 release date sometime this fall.


While iPhone 5 rumors have been swirling around for the past six months or so, we still don’t have any confirmation on what the next iPhone 5 will include. Apple is notoriously secretive about its hardware and is known to test several prototypes in the build up to the eventual release of the iPhone.

The mystery surrounding the iPhone 5 often makes the decision to wait for the iPhone 5 a tough one.

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Fortunately, Gotta Be Mobile is here to help, and we want to run down the many reasons why it might be in ones best interest to wait for Apple to announce the iPhone 5, which again, is presumed to be taking place sometime during the months of September or October.


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Apple launched its first 4G LTE product in March in the third-generation new iPad. This likely means that it will be launching a 4G LTE iPhone 5 this fall. The company hasn’t confirmed anything just yet but all signs point to that being the case.

One, Verizon has said that it won’t be releasing anything but 4G LTE devices this year and two, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, the three biggest U.S. carriers of the iPhone, all will have 4G LTE networks in place once the fall rolls around.

So what does this mean?

It means that the iPhone 5 will likely be the first iPhone to feature data speeds that are capable of reaching up to 10 times faster than those found on typical 3G. A demonstration of those speeds can be seen in the video below.


What this means is that users will be able to do things like load up web pages and download and stream content at a much faster pace on-the-go.

It’s something that current iPhone owners have been waiting for for quite sometime, talk to someone who went from 3G to 4G LTE and they’ll tell you that they’ll never go back, and it’s a big reason why consumers should wait for the iPhone 5.

Unique iPhone Feature(s)

When Apple announced iOS 5 at WWDC 2011, it failed to announce Siri, the powerful voice control tool found that has been an iPhone 4S exclusive since iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S launched in October. (It will come to the iPad 3 with iOS 6)

Instead, it waited until the iPhone 4S launch to announce Siri.


We expect Apple to do something similar with the iPhone 5 and offer a unique feature or two that will only be accessible on the iPhone 5. Just what isn’t known yet but we have heard that the latest iPhone 5 prototypes feature NFC (Near-Field Communication), which could link to Apple’s new PassBook app, making it a competitor to Android’s Google Wallet.

If the iPhone 5 does have NFC support, PassBook could potentially use iPhone users’ iTunes credit cards for contact-less payments.

New Design


In the buildup to the launch of the iPhone 4S, many believed that Apple would announce an iPhone with a new teardrop design. That turned out not to be the case as the iPhone 4S borrowed heavily from the design of the previous iPhone model, the iPhone 4S.

While we don’t know exactly what the iPhone 5 will look like just yet, Apple would be smart to give it a makeover to keep consumers interested. The design change might not be as drastic as a teardrop shaped iPhone but Apple will likely do something something different.

The iPhone 5 could feature a similar design to this render.

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Rumors peg the iPhone 5 as being thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S and possibly featuring a metal backing instead of the glass backing found on both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4.

Apple has locked down Liquidmetal exclusivity, and it’s possible that the technology, which would make the iPhone 5 both strong and light, might show up on the iPhone 5.

A regular iPhone and a larger one.

Larger Screen

One of the features that sits atop many current and future iPhone buyers wish lists is an iPhone with a larger screen. Fortunately, Apple has been rumored to be bumping the size of the iPhone 5 screen up to 4-inches from the usual 3.5-inches found on all previous versions of the iPhone.

Several reports, including ones from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Reuters, have stated that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display. KGI Research, known for deep ties to Apple supply partners, also predicts that the new iPhone will have a 4.08-inch taller display with a near 16 x 9 aspect ratio.

The display is said to make the iPhone 5 taller, not wider.

With the demand for large screen smartphones as high as it ever has been, Apple has to at least be thinking about bumping the screen size of the iPhone up. From what we’ve heard, it may end up doing so with the iPhone 5 which means that those who have been waiting for an iPhone with a larger screen should hold out for the iPhone 5 announcement later this year.



Those looking to get a phone that will last through the end of the two year agreement, an agreement that most customers will sign along with buying the new iPhone 5, will want to wait for the iPhone 5.

For one, Apple has linked an exclusivity deal with Liquidmetal which would make the design of the iPhone 5 extremely durable. Two, we’ve heard that Apple might be including Liquidpel waterproofing technology with the iPhone 5.

We also saw many iOS 6 features aimed squarely at those who use their device in outdoorsy situations – FaceTime over Cellular in particular – which led us to believe that Apple might be making the iPhone extremely durable from a hardware standpoint.

What an iPhone 5 with Liquidmetal could look like.

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From a software standpoint, the iPhone is really unmatched. The iPhone 3GS, a device that is over three years old, has been updated regularly since it was launched. In fact, it’s getting an upgrade to iOS 6 when it arrives this fall.

With other operating systems, an upgrade to the next operating system is not guaranteed. Just ask Nokia Lumia 900 owners who bought the phone phone when it launched earlier this year expecting to get Windows Phone 8. Or talk to folks who bought the HTC Droid Incredible 2 last year and may not get the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest piece of software.

The iPhone 5 should feature hardware and software that will take owners through their contract with ease which is a big reason why consumers should wait and see what it offers.

iPhone 4S Will Drop in Price

As the iPhone 4 did when Apple released the iPhone 4S, we expect Apple will start selling the iPhone 4S for cheap when the iPhone 5 comes around. If it follows a similar model, it will only sell the iPhone 4S in 8GB form for $99 on-contract.

For those that don’t like what they see from the iPhone 5, this could be a pretty tempting offer, and yet another reason to wait for the fall and Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement.

It’s Only a Few Months

Right now, we’re in June, which means that we only have a couple of months to go before September and October roll around. Those are the months that are rumored to be the iPhone 5’s launch months with October being more likely because it’s the same month that Apple released the iPhone 4S.

So, those that have waited this long may as well keep waiting. However, there are also some added benefits of waiting for fall to arrive.

The new Nexus will likely be in play.

Google Nexus

We fully expect the rumors of the next Google Nexus smartphone to have heated up to a scalding hot temperature by the time the iPhone 5 is announced. That means that we should have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the new Nexus smartphone.

In fact, Google may even leak some information in attempt to take away the iPhone 5’s thunder, much like it tried to do with its Google Maps announcement shortly before iOS 6 was announced.

We’ve already that Google might be launching five Nexus smartphones on November 5th. That date falls only a few short weeks after October, the iPhone 5’s expected announcement month, which means that those who are uninterested will likely have some other options to look at should the iPhone 5 disappoint.

Foxconn’s CEO has said that the iPhone 5 will blow away the Samsung Galaxy S III, another Android smartphone, but that might not be the case with the next Nexus.

Windows Phone 8

Speaking of other options, Microsoft will be releasing its next mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, later this year. The new software will be launching on some new hardware that will likely put the current hardware to shame. We’re talking high-resolution screens and speedy processors to go along with Windows Phone 8 itself.

We’ll likely have heard about some of the new Windows Phone 8 devices by the time the iPhone 5 rolls around and by waiting, consumers will again be able to wait for the iPhone 5 while also waiting for Microsoft’s new mobile operating system to roll out.

Buying a Windows Phone right now would be a huge mistake, considering none of the current devices will get Windows Phone 8.

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 will likely be out on shelves.

RIM is expected to release its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone in time for the holidays. BlackBerry 10 is seen as the company’s last shot at a resurgence in the mobile industry and so far, the software looks to be pretty good.

We’ve also gotten a look at what could possibly be RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone. So again, if the iPhone 5 misses, and it likely won’t, there will be some other options on the table.

By waiting, those who are interested in the iPhone 5 not only get to see Apple’s new smartphone, but they also get to see what the competitors have up their sleeve as well which will make for a more informed decision, something that is necessary when buying a smartphone.