Google Chrome Coming to iPhone and iPad Today

Google is bringing its Chrome browser to the iPhone and iPad later today.


The new browser will work just like the Android version, though it won’t have the benefit of using the custom Chrome engine. Like every other third-party iOS web-browser Chrome for iOS needs to use the Safari rendering engine so it should work just as fast or slow as Safari.

The biggest feature for Chrome for iOS is the ability to sync bookmarks and tabs. iOS users can finally sync their Chrome bookmarks to their mobile devices of choice. Like the Android version, users also have the option to open tabs from their desktop browser on the iPhone or iPad as well, making it a seamless experience.

Unfortunately, users still don’t have the option to choose the default browser on the iPhone or iPad. Any links that users open¬†from another app like Mail or a Twitter app will open in Safari even if the user prefers to use Chrome. The only real way to work around that is to simply copy and paste links into Chrome instead of opening them directly.


Jailbreak users do have the option to switch their default browser, however. Users who choose to install the Jailbreak tweak to change the default browser can choose to open all links directly in Chrome instead of Safari, which makes Jailbreaking sound much more enticing now.


Unlike Google Drive, Google Chrome isn’t currently in the App Store, but according to The Verge¬†it should arrive in the App Store in a few hours.