Hands-On With Creative Labs Sound BlasterAxx

Creative Labs is best known for its line of sounds cards and headsets for the PC, but the company is starting to get into the mobile space as well.


The Creative Labs Sound BlasterAxx is a collection of Bluetooth tower speakers designed to give users the best possible sound from a Bluetooth speaker. To get the best possible sound, Creative Labs put its own Sound Blaster quad-core processor in the BlasterAxx lineup.

That chip lets users set the equalizer for the speakers, and helps make the dual-array microphones work better. Creative claims the two microphones can make voice detection better than just using the microphone in an iPhone or Android device. We’re inclined to believe them as two microphones should always be better than one, but the loud show floor at CE Week is a tough place to test the microphones.

The quad-core chip also helps produce a lot of sound, which was easy to test on the loud show floor. I was able to listen to music played through the largest BlasterAxx model, and it sounded very impressive. The large version can fill large rooms, so there was no problem hearing it over the rest of the show floor.


Users can change the sound equalizer of the speakers through an app on their iOS or Android devices, or on their PC or Mac.


The Sound  BlasterAxx comes in three models: the small SBX 8, the medium-sized SBX 10, and the large SBX 20. All of the models use USB or wall plugs for power. The SBX 8 lacks the dual-array microphone setup, but otherwise each speaker has the same features.