iPhone 5 Release Date Upgraded to August or September?

The iPhone 5 release date remains an ever-changing target, even though we expect it to arrive this fall.


Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone 5 this fall, around the time of the iOS 6 release date. While conventional wisdom suggests the release date will land in October, matching up with the release date of the iPhone 4S, new rumors suggest Apple could be bringing the iPhone 5 to market earlier.

Chinese website, Sina.com cites supplier sources in Taiwan, that are gearing up for the iPhone 5 release date in August or September, with component manufacturing picking up in July.

iPhone 5 release date September

This is what the iPhone 5 might look like this fall.

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors & Analysts

The new iPhone 5 release date rumor would mark the second major change in iPhone release dates, after moving to October in 2011.


While an iPhone 5 release date in August would  be surprising given the constraints on 4G LTE chips, this is not the first time September has surfaced as the month for a potential iPhone 5 release date.


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Analyst Brian White with Topeka Capital Markets previously stated that Apple would have an exciting September, alluding to an iPhone 5 release shortly before he predicted that the iPhone 5 will make Apple the most profitable company ever.

Mingchi Kuo, an analyst with KGI also believes we may see the new iPhone 5 release as early as September. Kuo has ties deep within the supply chains of Apple and component suppliers, like those cited by Sina.com, and this new rumor may be further confirmation of an earlier iPhone 5 launch.


iPhone 5 Release Date Timing

Apple doesn’t need to time the iPhone 5 release with the end of existing customer contracts. Those who bought the iPhone 4S in OCtober 2011 will still be on contract, and iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners will wait for the iPhone 5.

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The earlier iPhone 5 launch would give Android manufacturers an early wake up call as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date looks good for September, which would pit the 5.5-inch screen toting Android against the rumored 4-inch iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Rumors

Apple will most likely announce the new iPhone this fall. The next iPhone will be Apple’s sixth iPhone, but the press and analysts are calling this new device the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 may look like the model shown in the video below, which is based on of renderings from leaked parts and tumors.


The video above shows off a 4-inch display and a slimmer design. We anticipate a taller 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 with a new HDTV-like aspect ratio. This new look would make room for a longer battery capable of keeping the iPhone 5 running longer even with a power-hungry 4G LTE connection.

Apple will most likely include a new Qualcomm 4G LTE chip inside the iPhone 5 capable of delivering upload and download speeds 10 times faster than the iPhone 4S. The 4G LTE connection should work on Sprint, Verizon AT&T and a number of smaller carriers with local 4G LTE networks.


Sources also point to a smaller iPhone 5 dock connector with a MagSafe style connection. This new connection will allow for a smaller iPhone, easier connection in the car and at night thanks to magnets and may allow Apple to stop unauthorized accessories from connecting to the iPhone 5.

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Stay tuned for the latest iPhone 5 news and rumors.