Modbook Pro: 13″ OS X Tablet Unveiled

Modbook Inc. officially introduced the Modbook Pro, a 13″ tablet. Based on the 13″ MacBook Pro, the Modbook Pro comes with powerful components and a Wacom digitizer. The tablet could be attractive for creative professionals who want to take their work on the road without giving up the pinpoint control they’re used to when working at their desks.


The company behind the Modbook Pro hasn’t released pricing yet, but that info will be forthcoming within the next few weeks. The product should ship sometime this fall. We are always wary of product announcements that don’t include pricing data, but there are plenty of Mac users, such as designers, that will pay a steep premium for such a device.

Modbook Pro - a full OS X Tablet

Since the Modbook is based on the 13″ MacBook Pro, it will be relatively thick and heavy compared to the iPad. It will have much more power however, allowing users to run applications and suites, such as Adobe’s CS6. This means professionals will be able to take their workflows on the go without swapping over to an iPad or relying on a MacBook’s trackpad.

The Modbook Pro comes with the same guts found in the current MacBook Pro, including Intel Graphics 4000, a SuperDrive DVD burner and Intel processors. The base model will ship with Core i5 processors, but buyers can spring for a Core i7 2.9GHz dual-core processor. It can be configured with up to  16GB of memory, a 1TB hard drive or 960GB SSD. Like the MacBook Pro, the Modbook Pro has a MagSafe power port, Thunderbolt port, SDXC slot and Ethernet port. Only one USB port is available however.


Modboook Pro Running OS X


The Modbook Pro uses ForceGlass, a scratch-resistant and etched material that’s supposed to provide a paper-like feel when writing or sketching on the tablet. Unfortunately, the Modbook Pro does not have a touchscreen like the iPad. This isn’t the end of the world however since developers do not optimize OS X applications for touch as they do for iOS apps.

This is the third significant tablet announcement in recent days. Google introduced its Nexus 7 Android tablet yesterday at Google I/O 2012. Microsoft introduced the Surface Windows tablet last week. The Modbook Pro is the only tablet of three to feature an active digitizer, which is necessary for accurate handwriting recognition and pressure sensativity.

This tablet certainly isn’t for everyone, but it will be at the top of some pros shopping list no matter the price.