Polaroid Z2300 Combines Digital Photos and Instant Prints

Polaroid is still trying to cross the bridge from traditional photography to digital photography, and the Z2300 combines the two worlds in an interesting way.


The Polaroid Z2300 is a 10MP digital camera with a design reminiscent of classic Polaroid cameras. Like those classic Polaroid cameras, the Z2300 can still print out photos, but the results are a bit different.

The Z2300 can print 2″x3″ photos captured by the 10MP camera. The camera uses special ZINK paper for the images, which doesn’t require ink. Instead, the ZINK paper uses tiny¬†crystals for ink that make it appear white when users insert the pieces behind the screen on the back of the device.


After users take photos they can choose which ones they want to print. There are a few options before printing: users can crop the photo, apply a filter, and add a classic white Polaroid border around the image. Once the image is ready, the camera uses heat to put the photo on the ZINK paper. Photos print from the side of the device in about 30 seconds, though Polaroid will only commit to less than a minute.


The downside to printing the photos is it takes a lot of energy, and one full battery charge only lasts for about ten prints.

Thankfully the camera still saves photos to an SD card for easy sharing. The device also support WiFi-enabled SD cards like the Eye-Fi for easy sharing on social networks. Users can also choose to place photos on the SD card to print from the camera, should they want to.

The Polaroid Z2300 can also shoot 720p video, though users will have to export the videos to a laptops or desktop to do anything with it.

The Polaroid Z2300 is available for pre-order now for $159.99, and should reach retail stores soon.