Samsung Galaxy S III Owners Reporting Battery Drain Issues

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III are reporting a battery drain issue that might be caused by the phone’s software.


According to Galaxy S III owners on the XDA-forums, the device is seeing an abnormal battery drain issue that might be directly tied to the software’s cell standby feature. If that’s the case, the issue should be surmountable with a software fix in the future.

Thus far, Samsung has yet to confirm the issue.

This issue seems to only be affecting the international version of the device. We didn’t experience this issue on our American variant so those that are buying the device on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon should not have to deal with this problem.

Galaxy S III owners are dealing with a battery drain issue.


Samsung Galaxy S III owners are evidently seeing a quick battery drain when using the device. Sleuth work has determined that cell standby is making up 50-70% more battery drain than Android or the display. This, clearly, is not normal.


Fortunately, there is a fix that owners can use in an effort to stave off the bug until Samsung gets around to roll out a software fix. The installation method is not going to cater to those that aren’t familiar with tinkering with their smartphone so those that are experiencing the issue but are novice when it comes to modding should probably get in touch with Samsung and report the issue.

That way, the company will at least be aware of the issue if it isn’t already.

The fix isn’t perfect either which means that it will be up to the company to ease the battery strain that some Galaxy S III owners are seeing.


Samsung’s Galaxy S III has taken the Android world by storm since it launched back in May. The company has seen so many pre-orders that it has had issues meeting demand for the phone.

These issues have delayed launches on AT&T and Sprint in the U.S. and they also pushed the Canadian launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III back a week.