Droid RAZR MAXX On Sale for $180 At Best Buy This Weekend

The Droid RAZR MAXX is on sale in Best Buy this weekend.


According to Android Central, Best Buy will sell the Droid RAZR MAXX for $180 on June 29 and June 30. That’s a lot less than the $299.99 that Verizon is still charging for the smartphone.

The deal only lasts today and tomorrow, and it only available with new two-year contracts. Even with the discount, however, Amazon Wireless still has the phone for much less. Amazon charges $99 for the Motorola smartphone, which is still $80 less than Best Buy is selling the phone for this weekend.


Despite the phone’s relative age and loser-resolution screen, it’s still a great phone. The 3300 mAh battery is larger than the battery in any other smartphone on the market. With the gigantic battery the RAZR MAXX should last almost any user a full day of use, regardless of how much they use it.


The only downside to the RAZR MAXX is that we don’t know when the Ice Cream Sandwich rollout will complete, let alone the brand-new Jelly Bean. We’ve heard the update might come to all RAZR models as early as today, but we haven’t seen any signs of that happening. The update should come soon, we just don’t know when.

Users that are still on the fence, and don’t think they can pick up the RAZR MAXX this weekend might want to wait until we hear more about the Droid RAZR HD/Fighter. The next Motorola smartphone on Verizon could have the battery of the RAZR MAXX with ICS and a full HD display. We’ve only heard rumors of the device so far, but if it’s real it could easily jump to the somewhere near top of the list of Android smartphones when it launches.