Galaxy S III New MHL Connector Also Enables USB On the Go

For those who may not be familiar, MHL connectors plug into the micro USB port on many smartphones and allows HDMI cables to be connected to the MHL connector to mirror the content on the smartphone onto a larger display, such as an HDTV. The benefit to having devices that use the MHL standard is that devices do not have to have separate HDMI or micro HDMI ports on the devices themselves, leading to slimmer or smaller devices that are less bulky.

One such recent device, and a popular one at that, is Samsung’s third-generation Android flagship smartphone known as the Galaxy S III. What’s different–and we’ve reported this in the past–is that older MHL connectors won’t work on the Galaxy S III and the smartphone requires a new MHL connector. Samsung had reached out to us with an explanation as to why this is the case:

The company switched to an 11-pin micro USB standard from a 5-pin standard for its MHL connector. The reasoning here is to add functionality, including USB on the go. This allows for the Galaxy S III to read USB flash drives, for instance, and provides users with added value with a USB on the go cable.

Samsung Galaxy S® III uses an 11-pin micro USB input, which allows it to support MHL output and USB on-the-go input simultaneously – an improvement over 5-pin capability. This means that customers can take advantage of new functions for accessories that are not supported by a 5-pin micro USB connector, allowing a deeper convergence between the Galaxy S III smartphone and a HDTV.

To ease this transition and to allow for greater innovation with Samsung accessories, Samsung Mobile will offer a 5-pin to 11-pin MHL Cable Adapter that will allow the original Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter to function properly with U.S. models of the Galaxy S III, as well as future Samsung premium smartphones. In addition, Samsung is offering consumers the ability to purchase the new adapter separately, or to bundle it with the original HDTV Smart Adapter. Our goal in offering these MHL adapter solutions is to provide consumers with the newest accessory technology while ensuring the highest level of device compatibility.

Samsung HDTV Adapter solutions:

  • ·         5-pin to 11-pin MHL Cable Adapter – $9.99*
  • ·         HDTV Smart Adapter w/ 5-pin to 11-pin MHL Cable Adapter – $39.99*
  • ·         HDTV Adapter (11-pin) – $39.99*

*Prices as of 6/20/12. All prices subject to change.


  1. Thanks for the info but… The official 11 pins MHL (which I guess is not MHL certified because it is not compatible with previous MHL versions) adapter for S3 allows you to connect your phone to a HDTV, using an additional HDMI cable and the USB power (I’ve read it is mandatory to connect power as well). But in this case how are we supposed to connect USB OTG?? I’ve been looking for this but no answer. Any solution?

    Thank you very much in advance

  2. Hey there, i have been looking into this a lot and have tried to bring up as much information as i can find.

    For reference:

    The original (EPL-3FHUBEGSTD) adapter does NOT work when plugging in a USB OTG cable into the micro usb connector.

    Your “Samsung HDTV Adapter solutions” do NOT solve the issue of using USB OTG and MHL simultaneously. Do you have any additional information on products or possibly firmware updates that will provide this functionality?

  3. I have tried many combinations but now work. Now what I need is a splitter with one male micro usb connector at one end and two female micro usb connectors at the other end.

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