Path Adds Nike+ FuelBand Support

Path is continuing its partnership with Nike by adding support for another Nike accessory.

Today Path announced that its private social network app now supports Nike’s popular Nike+ FuelBand. Users can now share their FuelBand activity and progress with their closest friends and family through the Path app. Now, FuelBand users can make sure their progress is only shared with the people they care about, instead of everybody on their Facebook friends list.


With the new support, Nike+ fans can view all of their Nike+ Running and FuelBand information from the same app. It’s much better than having to open the two separate apps to view the information. The only downside is the Path app can’t replace those apps, so users still need to have Nike+ Running and the Nike+ FuelBand apps installed on their phones for some tasks.

Unfortunately the new Path integration does not give Android users access to the FuelBand. Android users still need to wait for Nike to bring the FuelBand app to the Google Play Store. Users link their Nike+ accounts to Path from within┬áthe Nike+ apps, so without the FuelBand app for Android, Android users can’t sync their FuelBand to Path.


The new integration makes Path a great companion to Nike+ fans. By┬ácombining the stats from two different apps Path is arguably the best app to use to keep track of all Nike+ information. It fits in with Path’s idea of becoming more of a journal that users happen to share with others instead of just a limited social network.