Samsung Galaxy Note June ICS Update Still a No Show and I’m Miffed

Google already announced the next version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Samsung Galaxy Note owners sit here just over 24 hours from the end of June, aka Q2, and we still don’t see the already old Ice Cream Sandwich, coming down the pipe despite a promise from Samsung. International Galaxy Note users already received it.

I’m a recent convert back to Android and I guess naiveté can explain my belief that a promise of ICS coming to my 29 day-old Samsung Galaxy Note in “June” or more accurately “Q2″. I’ve got my Best Buy receipt and I’m tempted to return it thanks to the failure of either Samsung or AT&T to comply with their earlier promise.

Samsung Galaxy Note ICS Update Preview Video

My colleague Adam Mills wrote yesterday, “The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich release date should come soon.” He wrote convincingly. However, Adam used logic and reason to guess this would happen on time. I doubt the people pulling the trigger at either Samsung or AT&T share much of either one.

Apple Wins Customer Loyalty Over Updates

Timely updates for all helps make the Apple iPhone a compelling device for mobile enthusiasts. The iPhone 3GS will get the new iOS 6 when it ships this fall, albeit a little dumbed down.


It’s impressive that the same day I receive iOS 6 on my new iPad and my sons and wife get it on their iPhone 4S phones, 3GS owners will get a version on their crappy old phones. It won’t surprise me if I’ll be waiting for ICS on that day even though my Samsung Galaxy Note came out only months ago. I really doubt it will see ICS before Jelly Bean ships next month.

Screenshot from the Samsung produced video advertising the Samsung Galaxy Note update

In a crazy dream, maybe they’ll just skip ICS on the Note and go directly to Jelly Bean. And maybe the Republicans and Democrats will agree on a budget before the election. Maybe all criminals will willingly put down their guns and Snooky will earn a Ph.D. in physics. If I had money to bet, I’d put it on one of the last three before I’d put it on the Note getting Jelly Bean.

Why No Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update

So why didn’t Samsung and/or AT&T hit send on ICS to the Samsung Galaxy Note already?

Samsung already delivered Android 4.0 to the International version of the Galaxy Note, but the U.S. version still doesn’t have it. I doubt it’s because Samsung hates Americans. I’m guessing the blame falls squarely on AT&T and the motivation is money. I can think of a couple of rational explanations for the failure to send out an update that other users of the essentially the same phone already got.

  1. AT&T’s crapware on the Note doesn’t work with ICS yet
  2. AT&T wants people to buy the next phone – the Samsung Galaxy S III or something else

I know. Calm down and be patient. If this was a few months after the release of ICS I’d understand that sentiment. The OS came out last year! It’s time for the carriers and OEMs to fix this problem now! I know I’m not alone in this frustration.

The update looks pretty compelling based on Samsung’s video, I just hope I see it soon.

Kevin loves notebooks, tablets, gadgets and photography. He grew up with computers starting out on a Vic 20 and Commodore 64. The first computer he owned himself was an 8086 Compaq Deskpro. His foray into tablet computing began when he bought a Samsung Q1 Ultra. The smartphone market opened up for him with his Palm Treo 600.


  1. the official samsung ICS upgrade page on facebook STILL says:

    “We know you have been waiting and we’re thrilled today to announce that we’ll start serving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to GALAXY Note and GALAXY S II in the first quarter of 2012.”

    i think they mean Q1 2013.

  2. I’ve said it before. On the day the Iphone 5 is released, if my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t have ICS on it running smoothly, said Galaxy Note will become an e-reader and Apple will get my business.

  3. Nathan, why cut off your nose to spite your face? Gingerbread is better than iOS, so you’re willing to go backwards because going forward is taking so long. Seriously, you people are just a buncha whiners. If ICS didn’t exist would you be threatening to switch to Apple? Enjoy your phone and quit worrying about it. If you don’t like your phone with the current OS then maybe you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place, hmm?

    • when you talk about keeping promises (and good communication about said promises) to the customers who shelled out a heck of a lot of money for such products, how can anyone expect to want to do it again in the future? especially when there are choices that, well, do exactly what they say.

  4. A couple days ago I got my hopes up. I checked for update and it said an update was available but there was a server error. Got this message 2 days in a row. Now it says my 2.3.6 is up to date damn it. If I doesn’t happen in the next 14 days I’m gonna root and go the custom rom rout

  5. Miffed is such a nice word to use in thimes such as now.Whiner ? Well I guess I am and I can be because I did pay for this phone and did enter into an agreement with AT&T with their promise to keep the smartphone, smart and not stupid, unlike some people who make such comments that don’t cover the subject matter.Even if Ma Bell isn’t going to upgrade the Note to ICS it would be great if they’d tell us what is going on and were not sitting on an edge. I understand that the folks in Canada have gotten ICS thru MaBell but, how has it been operating? Any problems with the upgrade? How about in the U.K.? So we’ll go on and wait a little while longer. And yes I’ll gripe and whine beacuse I put my money where my mouth is and if you don’t like it tuff beans!

  6. Got tiredbofbwaiting last week. Screw at&t I’m running ics 4.0.4. The only one ics rom. Don’t even think I’ll waste my time flashing the official when it finally comes out. I’ll just let the devs have it and make it better.

    • Same here! Running ICS Objection ROM (4.04) and yeah no point of downloading the update when it comes. Epic fail for AT&T

  7. Just root and install one of the ICS ROMs available on XDA. That’s the great thing about Android. You get frustrated with either Google or a carrier, you have the power to say “screw you.”

  8. John W, it seemed the same thing happened to me a week or so ago… it appeared like an update was avail, it failed to download (server busy, try later), then the next day gingerbread was up to date. AT&T YOU BITE IT!

  9. I’ve got a Galaxy Note in France (purchased unlocked) and no ICS update here either. Nobody in France has got the update except for those who bought their phone in Germany.

  10. Eric,

    ICS for French Notes (CSC XEF) was released yesterday morning but was pulled in the afternoon after many reports of bricked Notes including mine…

    I just cannot believe how Samsung can do such a mess…

  11. En Centroamerica tampoco tenemoa ICS disponible. No aparece la version de la phablet en listados de actualizacion.

    For Central America it is also a Not Go for ICS. Our Id number is not listed in the upcoming ICS updates.

  12. There are reports of people with the unlocked international Note getting ICS from TMobile and via Walmart Straight Talk (with their AT&T and TMobile Sim). The issue seems to be with the American locked model.

  13. If you really want to use latest Android OS… don’t buy your Android Phone from Third Company… buy Android Phone that FULLY support latest update by Google. And the Answer is Google Nexus Phone/Tablet Family.

    That’s right you will got stock rom just it. But if you are DEVELOPER enough. You can get whatever Android Phone and ROOTED your device install CUSTOM ROMS that suitable for you life ;)

  14. like a lot of people i just got tired of waiting. i installed objection 2 and it runs great. the only reason i can think of for why AT%T is so slow is because of money. they rather you buy a new phone than be satisfied with the one you got.

  15. I own a note on AT&T network. They seem to be “to busy” pursing new customers and building their infastructure rather than staffing people to ensure their phones are updated in a timely matter.
    To all this, I will not buy on contract any longer. When they have a contract they know they can get away with this behavior.

  16. I would really like to know when the international version of ICS was released to the galaxy note. I have a galaxy note and still have heard no rumor or word that it available for download.

  17. I bought my Note in Hong Long on 6/20 and it came with ICS out of the box. They had older inventory with 2.3 for 50HKD less (about $8) so it was a no brained to get the ICS model. Being an American consumer sucks.

  18. I have ICS on my Note. It is no big deal. At all. If it made any difference apart from forcing the G+ app on my phone, I can’t really tell.

  19. “I’m guessing the blame falls squarely on AT&T…..”
    Of course it does.
    ICS is everywhere.
    Even at ATT.
    Who else would be delaying it, Softy, Apple, Google, Sammy? NOT!
    The ATT management team prefers to slither than rather than stand up and compete.

  20. Just another let down from AT&T. I mean why lie and say we are going to get it, they would have been better of just saying we weren’t getting it and the one day putting it out there and we could have all been surprised. That is the only thing apple has on the Note when they say something they make sure they don’t let their customers down. Ill never go back to apple because gingerbread is still better than IOS

  21. there i s nothing so appealing on ics…i feel previous version was good…only thing good is s get slower on ics…if i culd backroll my update ..i wuld suerly do it

  22. I wouldn’t get all bent outta shape over the ICS .I’m in the UK and have had the update for a few weeks!, nothing worth writing home about, its slow and laggy and didn’t even come with the premium suite as promised,
    I quickly went back to GB, and then rooted using Odin, now running a fantastic custom ROM from alliance which in most peoples opinion kicks Ics ass any day of the week.
    Do yourself a big favour root your device and open up a whole new world.

  23. I’m with Rogers (canada) still no ICS for the Note here, every other phone has it. Rogers won’t say anything. When I asked tech support they said check the support page for the device, and the Samsung Note isn’t even on the rogers device support list!

  24. This is strange news indeed. From this post I am reading that 3 countries are having problems with the ICS update. Whar is going on here? The Dutch blog oosts on the update are also negative on the stability and speed if the 4.0 update.

  25. Here in Australia, we received ICS for the SGN a few weeks ago. I thought I remembered something about USA and the moon… maybe it was just a myth. Android is a much more complex task than fruit OS, it has to run on a range of hardware. It’s much easier to develop for a hardware monoculture, you don’t need to allow for different screen resolutions for a start.

    • Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Australian version baseband has not been released yet. Only australian customers who imported online their phones from overseas had been able to update to ICS because those phones had different basebands from the australian ones. So I think the information that it has already been updated in Australia is wrong. We expected ICS during June as per Gizmodo Australia information in May , now we don’t know when we will receive it. Now it looks like Jelly Bean update is expected to be considered in Galaxy Note as well. Samsung Australia has not idea when they will update unlocked International Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with australian baseband.

  26. Telus shows Samsung galaxy note will have ics update available for download as early as July 13th… so keep your panties on! Plus apple is crap and will always be! :D

  27. Kevin, I could not agree more. I am so tired of waiting and searching for answers. It just makes Samsung and AT&T appear so lame while making the consumer look stupid for spending this much money and actually trusting them to fulfill their promise. Yes, miffed is being kind.

  28. Just to add that this No Show of ICS is happening on international versions too, I’m affraid there are lots of countries ( several in Europe and all central and south America) who have not received the update. I think this is unacceptable. And with current technology levels it should be a more reliable and fast process

  29. Hi,,,,,I live in jordan middle east i have galaxy note until now no update …..yesterday Kies showed my update available but today the update gone …and the phone update search don’t show that there is update available….its ridicules

    • @Kevin….the update that you saw on Kies was probably for Kies, not the ics update. Many people who have plugged their phone in to Kies get a pop up saying there is an update and get confused, when I’m fact the update is for Kies. If your GNote had an update waiting it would still be there, even if you checked again in a month. They don’t usually pull updates from Kies unless there is a known issue with ics and they have to pull it. Also, you can check in your settings, about phone, software update, for the ics update….if it says “your phone is up to date” or “no firmware” then you know what you saw was the update for Kies.

      • @ Lola, actually Kevin could very well be right as Samsung has pulled back the update due to a bunch of Galaxy Note owners ending up with a bricked device after the update. Which personally I’m thinking is probably due to user error updating over KIES by doing something stupid like disconnecting the device from their PC before the update is 100% complete. The Galaxy Note seems to attract alot of noobs to Android that don’t seem to technically incline (thinking this due to some of the stupid or should I say basic questions that I see on Galaxy Note blogs that I’ve never seen on any other of the many Android devices I’ve owned). Those of us who know what to do when we receive an update and what to expect, ie possibly adjusting settings again & updating on a fully charged battery & then treating it like a brand new device draining & charging fully. (remember your battery lasted longer after a few days – a week of charging) (also ppl complaining that their note gets hot after the update, we’ll idk but mine gets hot now on Gingerbread when playing graphic intensive games) sorry went on a rant lol, just went through the same bullshit with my NEXUS S & waiting months for ICS now here we go again. – KID ANDROID.

        • @Kid Android- Before I wrote that post to Kevin I googled to see if the ics update was pulled, I didn’t find anything….which doesn’t mean that it wasn’t pulled. Whenever I update, whether it’s via kies, ota, or odin I factory reset before and after an update. People don’t seem to understand the importance of it. Because of apps, launchers, and settings, things can go wrong during an update. And you’re right, the biggest mistake is people pulling the usb cord before the phone reboots….always let the phone reboot on its own, even if the computer says “upgrade successful, you may unplug”. Anyway, I was on the T-Mobile forum reading about people trying to upgrade to ics and it seemed people were being confused between kies stating there was an update when in fact the update was for kies, not the GNote. Thanks for your input.

      • No the update was for Ice cream sandwich Android 4.0 it started downloading the update but then stopped and msg appeared sth time out ….my connection was weak ,,,,then the next day i plugged my phone again it says this is the latest firmware and its gingerbread 2.3.6 ,,until now the update don’t show

  30. I’ve had 4.0.3 on my GNote n7000 since May 10th. I was too impatient to waitor the ota notification so I updated via Kies…..had anyone tried plugging their GNote in to Kies to see if Terry get promoted that they have an update? In case it matters my GNote is German.

  31. Even if the ICS update comes today (and it won’t), we will still lag behind having the best experience that this phone could offer, as Jellybean is now a reality. I wanted to support Android, so I bought the Note. Now i find myself locked in to antquated software for the next two years.
    Apple does it right.

    • The carrier by no means should be the barrier between new updates and the phone getting it unless there’s hardware compatibility issue. Google is big enough to handle these updates directly as Apple does. I have a feeling this will change in the future.

  32. Im no professional, but I imagine you just made the best point. You obviously fully understand what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest.

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