Samsung Galaxy Note June ICS Update Still a No Show and I’m Miffed

Google already announced the next version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Samsung Galaxy Note owners sit here just over 24 hours from the end of June, aka Q2, and we still don’t see the already old Ice Cream Sandwich, coming down the pipe despite a promise from Samsung. International Galaxy Note users already received it.


I’m a recent convert back to Android and I guess naiveté can explain my belief that a promise of ICS coming to my 29 day-old Samsung Galaxy Note in “June” or more accurately “Q2”. I’ve got my Best Buy receipt and I’m tempted to return it thanks to the failure of either Samsung or AT&T to comply with their earlier promise.

Samsung Galaxy Note ICS Update Preview Video

My colleague Adam Mills wrote yesterday, “The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich release date should come soon.” He wrote convincingly. However, Adam used logic and reason to guess this would happen on time. I doubt the people pulling the trigger at either Samsung or AT&T share much of either one.

Apple Wins Customer Loyalty Over Updates

Timely updates for all helps make the Apple iPhone a compelling device for mobile enthusiasts. The iPhone 3GS will get the new iOS 6 when it ships this fall, albeit a little dumbed down.


It’s impressive that the same day I receive iOS 6 on my new iPad and my sons and wife get it on their iPhone 4S phones, 3GS owners will get a version on their crappy old phones. It won’t surprise me if I’ll be waiting for ICS on that day even though my Samsung Galaxy Note came out only months ago. I really doubt it will see ICS before Jelly Bean ships next month.


Screenshot from the Samsung produced video advertising the Samsung Galaxy Note update

In a crazy dream, maybe they’ll just skip ICS on the Note and go directly to Jelly Bean. And maybe the Republicans and Democrats will agree on a budget before the election. Maybe all criminals will willingly put down their guns and Snooky will earn a Ph.D. in physics. If I had money to bet, I’d put it on one of the last three before I’d put it on the Note getting Jelly Bean.

Why No Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update

So why didn’t Samsung and/or AT&T hit send on ICS to the Samsung Galaxy Note already?

Samsung already delivered Android 4.0 to the International version of the Galaxy Note, but the U.S. version still doesn’t have it. I doubt it’s because Samsung hates Americans. I’m guessing the blame falls squarely on AT&T and the motivation is money. I can think of a couple of rational explanations for the failure to send out an update that other users of the essentially the same phone already got.


  1. AT&T’s crapware on the Note doesn’t work with ICS yet
  2. AT&T wants people to buy the next phone – the Samsung Galaxy S III or something else

I know. Calm down and be patient. If this was a few months after the release of ICS I’d understand that sentiment. The OS came out last year! It’s time for the carriers and OEMs to fix this problem now! I know I’m not alone in this frustration.

The update looks pretty compelling based on Samsung’s video, I just hope I see it soon.