Siri Calls My Wife Sexy at Church, I Live to Tell the Tale

My wife owns and iPhone 4S and she seldom uses Siri due to the poor results she gets from the service, so she didn’t find out that I programmed Siri to call her “Sexy” until a very inopportune time.


I never expected this prank to embarrass my wife as it did this past Sunday evening. My wife was telling our church about our denomination’s disaster relief teams. She wanted to show them a list of ways they can help from the organization’s website so she pulled up the site on her iPhone and passed it around the room.

One man unknowingly engaged the “raise-to-speak” feature of Siri, which turns Siri on by lifting the phone to the ear. The phone’s accelerometer, if moved in just the right way, will start the feature accidentally. It’s meant to let users activate Siri without pushing the home button.


Siri surprised this man and asked him, “What can I do for you, Sexy?”


I’m lucky I’m a live!

To prevent embarrassing accidental Siri activations, turn off the raise to activate feature, or make sure no one changes the Siri nickname by setting a password. To check Siri’s nickname, ask Siri “Who am I?”

To avoid Siri embarrassment turn off the raise-to-speak feature in the iPhone Settings app. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Select Siri
  4. Turn off Raise to Speak

That does it! From now on Siri won’t use embarrassing nicknames by accident.

It’s easy to set up a nickname with Siri, just press and hold the home button on the iPhone 4S and then tell Siri, “Call me Sexy.” She will comply.