Essential iPhone Apps and Accessories for Power Outages and Storms

Summertime is storm time here in the midwest and along the east coast. This past weekend storms knocked out the power for several of our writers and editors.


Like nearly half a million other Ohio residents Troy Frommer and myself are without power. Unlike many power outages that last hours, it’s possible that we are looking at surviving without power through the end of the week.

Thankfully we already had most of these apps and accessories on hand, but if you are reading this with power running, I suggest preparing for a power outage with these items.

Essential iPhone Apps for Storms and Power Outages

Public Radio and TuneIn

If you don’t have an actual radio on hand, TuneIn and Public Radio allow users to listen to local radio stations for updates.


iPhone radio apps

Have radio apps on hand before bad weather hits.


Even with access to the big name apps and the full internet, it’s hard to beat a local radio station in a situation like this. and Local TV Station Apps

I go for two weather apps for the best mix of coverage and information. I use the local WTOL StormTrack app, which is connected with the closest local TV station for alerts and local news.


For a better map and radar images, I use the free app on the iPhone to look at what’s coming. This is especially when a second wave of storms threatens and water is already rising in the basement.

Flashlight App

I rarely have a Flashlight in my pocket, but I always have a phone. Install a free flashlight app to use the iPhone flash as a flashlight.

iPhone flashlight

Free apps turn the iPhone into a flashlight.

This will burn through battery life incredibly fast, but it beats walking in the dark.


Essential iPhone Accessories for Storms and Power Outages

iPhone Battery Case

I’m relying on my Mophie Juice Pack Air and Kensington BungeeAir Power for keeping my iPhone charged this week.

iPhone 4S battery case

Collection of iPhone 4S battery cases.

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I am charging them at my in-laws where we are spending most of the time and in the car. I can charge the case while I keep using my phone, which is a big plus.

Zagg Sparq 2.0

Troy is depending on the Zagg Sparq 2.0 for power. This small charger can provide power to the iPhone, iPad and any other USB powered devices.

The $99 accessory even comes with an optimized port that can charge the iPhone up to 60% at the same fast rate as the standard wall charger. There are two ports for simultaneous charging, and it delivers two-four full charges to the iPhone.

Car Charger

iPhone car charger

Charger cabale of charging two iPhones.

The local Verizon store sold out of car chargers the morning after the power outage, so it’s a good idea to have a car charger on hand.

I like the Kensington PowerBolt Duo because it provides enough power for two phones or one phone and one iPad.

It’s also a good idea to conserve battery life by dimming the iPhone screen brightness and taking other steps for better iPhone battery life.

If all else fails, Verizon has set up recharging stations and is offering free charges at retail locations for users in areas with power outages.