How to Cut, Copy and Paste on the iPhone

Cut, copy and paste on the iPhone are three easy shortcuts to save time and increase productivity on the iPhone.


These three actions work much like on a Mac or PC and users will find it is possible to cut copy and paste to and from almost any app on the iPhone, even from fields users can’t enter text into.

For example iPhone users could take an address that someone has sent in a text message and copy it then paste it into Maps. With a little experimenting users can find many uses and shortcuts by using cut, copy and paste on the iPhone.

How to Cut Text on the iPhone

Find the text to cut and tap on the screen. Tap for a second time and this menu will appear.


Select Text


Choose Select to would like to choose one word to cut or to highlight a selection but not the entire amount of text. Choose Select All to highlight all of the text in a document so it can be cut.

Once the text is selected, choose Cut.


How to Copy Text on the iPhone


Select text with either the Select or Select All commands.

Once the text is selected choose Copy.


How to Paste Text on the iPhone

Tap on the screen to insert the copied text and then tap for a second time. Tap and hold to move between text easier.


After releasing the tap and hold or tapping in text entry the following options should appear.


Choose Paste and the text will be pasted into the document or field.

How do you use Cut, Copy and Paste to save time throughout your day? Leave a comment below for your tips with these common commands.