Big Sales Come to The iOS App Store For Independence Day

Like many brick-and-mortar stores iOS developers and publishers seem to make every major U.S. holiday a reason for a sale. With Independence Day tomorrow, a number of publishers are slashing prices on their iPhone and iPad games, including a few games that rarely go on sale.


Out of the major game publishers in the App Store, EA, Warner Bros., and Capcom have cut prices on a few games. Some independent developers are slashing prices as well.

EA Games is no stranger to these sales as it routinely slashes prices on large portions of its library of iPhone and iPad games. This time, however, EA Games didn’t just pick an arbitrary number, virtually every EA-published iOS game is on sale for the holiday. Firemint, which EA owns, also put all of its games on sale for $0.99. The only exceptions are the three Rock Band games for iPhone and iPad, and the Pop Cap library (though we wouldn’t be surprised if a few Pop Cap games went on sale eventually).

The notable games in EA’s sale are: Tetris for iPad (this is the first time EA put this version on sale), Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, and SimCity Deluxe.


Warner Bros. also has a few game on sale including both LEGO Harry Potter games. Both games are on sale for just $0.99. Not bad considering their essentially the same games as the console versions. According to TouchArcade, WB Games also has sales on Harry Potter: Spells and Batman Arkham City Lockdown. Both games are also on sale for $0.99.


Capcom has a trio of games on sale for $0.99 including Mega Man X (a redesigned port of the SNES classic), Street Fighter IV Volt (the mobile version of the popular fighter), and Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting (an Infinity Blade-esque game with the monsters and loot system from the popular Japanese PSP series). Unfortunately, neither Marvel vs Capcom 2  or Ghost Trick are on sale for the holiday.

TouchArcade also found a number of independent games on sale for the holiday including Air Mail, Oscura, Wind Up Robots, and Crytek’s Fibble.

With all the sales there should hopefully be no complaints of boredom over the holiday. Many of the games were on sale before, or are relatively old, but they’re still great.