The Best Way to Organize iPhone Apps & Folders

Organizing the apps on the iPhone is a task that while unpleasant is necessary to keep things simple and usable.

Most iPhone owners have more than just four or five apps installed on their iPhone, and organizing them on the iPhone can be a pain.

Here is an easy way to organize the apps from a Mac or PC, which is easier than manually dragging apps one by one on the iPhone, especially for moving apps between multiple screens and creating folders.

How to Organize iPhone Apps and Folders Easier On a Computer

Plug the iPhone into the computer that it is usually syncs to with a USB cable.

Next, open up iTunes.

In iTunes select the iPhone from the devices along the devices menu that is on the left side.


Once selecting the iPhone click on Apps.


In the Apps menu make sure the Sync Apps box is checked so the apps can be rearranged.

This can be done on the right side of the screen by dragging them around. The same rules apply as if organizing  apps on the phone.

For example if an app is placed over another app it will create a folder for those apps to be grouped in. Also by placing the cursor over an app it will make the app so it can be deleted by pressing the black x in the top left corner.


This method is a lot more efficient than doing it on the iPhone. It offers a better view of the screen and it is easier to drag apps around with a mouse.

What organization methods do you use to keep the iPhone’s home screen tidy and efficient?