How to Use a Bluetooth Keyboard With the iPad

Typing on the iPad touchscreen is noticeably slower than using a traditional keyboard. With a few easy steps it’s possible to pair a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad for a better typing experience.


With tablets becoming more and more mainstream their use in the class room and workplace is evolving. For most people who spend their day using the internet and answering emails an iPad does just fine for their needs.

Pairing a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad is a great way to be more productive with the tablet, and an easy way to amp up productivity while traveling without a notebook.

How to Pair a Bluetooth Keyboard With the iPad

Tap Settings.




Tap General then Tap Bluetooth.


Turn the toggle switch to ON if it isn’t already turned on.


Make sure the keyboard is on and the iPad will find it. Once it appears in the list Tap on the Keyboard.



The iPad will prompt for a confirmation code to pair.


Input the PIN and press Enter or Return on the keyboard.

After entering the PIN the iPad will show that it has connected to the Bluetooth keyboard.



Adding a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad will vastly increase typing efficiency. There are a few negatives to it though. When the bluetooth keyboard is connected the  on screen keyboard will not work, which is annoying if the keyboard is across the room. Also auto correct does not currently work when using an external keyboard.

Check out the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or one of the numerous iPad Bluetooth keyboard cases.

Overall if you do a lot of typing with your iPad a bluetooth keyboard will be of great benefit to you and your fingers will sure thank you.