Motorola to Appease Droid Bionic Owners with Early Ice Cream Sandwich Release?

It would seem that Motorola might be hard at work on an early Ice Cream Sandwich release in an attempt to appease Droid Bionic owners that it failed when it announced and released the Motorola Droid RAZR shortly after the Droid Bionic’s launch.

Droid Bionic owners have long been miffed by the launch of the Droid RAZR which took place just a few weeks after the launch of the much heralded Motorola Droid Bionic.

The Droid Bionic launched in September of 2011 while the Droid RAZR launched just two months after the Droid Bionic. And while we gave the Droid Bionic a favorable review, it was clear that the Droid RAZR trumped the device in just about every way shape and form.

Motorola could make it right with early ICS.That’s not the type of launch Droid Bionic owners were expecting after they waited through a lengthy delay to finally pick up the dual-core 4G LTE phone.

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Since then, many Droid Bionic owners have anger and frustration towards both Motorola and Verizon about the launch. As they should. They got completely blindsided, especially those that don’t tune into technology news.

Well, one way that both manufacturer and carrier could make it up to Droid Bionic owners is by releasing Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 in a timely fashion. It’s a point that we brought up long before Motorola announced that the software would be rolling out sometime in July, August or September.

And while Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners were left waiting until the last day of their promised Ice Cream Sandwich update roll out window given to them by Motorola, it seems that Motorola and Verizon might not make Droid Bionic owners wait too long for their scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The possibility became clear after several Droid Bionic ICS builds leaked out courtesy of Motorola’s servers. The software has changed less with each leak and one of the leaks even revealed that Motorola will be bringing Smart Actions to Droid Bionic owners, a bit of a consolation prize.


So while we still don’t have an official release date, it’s clear that Motorola is hard at work trying to get this update finished so it can send it over to Verizon for testing.

It’s our hope that these leaks mean something is on the way soon because Droid Bionic owners definitely deserve something good, like say an early Ice Cream Sandwich release, for all the bad that occurred with the smartphone all of those months ago.

Droid Bionic owners, would you feel better if Motorola and Verizon were able to get the ICS update out long before the given roll out window?


  1. “Droid Bionic owners, would you feel better if Motorola and Verizon were able to get the ICS update out long before the given roll out window?”

    I believe the original windows was 6 weeks after the public push from google.(Google pushed in December) I say every bionic owner needs to get off the upgrade path and install these leaks. They are fully functional and improve the phone like you would not believe. Don’t worry you can even flash if you are not rooted because these are from Motorola servers.

  2. I’m ready. Will probably have to re-root, but this 4.0 has been forever in the making. Hope it was worth the wait.

  3. Played with first two leaks. Miles better than GB. However recommending people to flash up is a bad idea. Moat people wont know how to F X Z back to 902. The non techy people only need to know these leaks are NOT upgradable so unless you are familiar with using rsd tools and the likes just wait for the official roll out. My. 02

  4. I honestly don’t get the comment “Droid Bionic owners, would you feel better if Motorola and Verizon were able to get the ICS update out long before the given roll out window?”

    Long before the given roll out window cannot happen, since the given roll out window started on the 1st of July. The window is “early Q3 2012″. Since a quarter only has 3 months, “early Q3″ would mean sometime this month. August would put us into “mid Q3″.

    So even if it came out tomorrow, it wouldn’t be early at all.

  5. Also, the very first leak had Smart Actions, as have each subsequent leak. Some devices are also being clocked at 1.2GHz, although that’s hit or miss because alot of folks are still reporting 1.0GHz. That part seems to be “luck of the draw”.

  6. I am def one of the unhappy bionic owners. Not because im totally unhappy w the bionic but mostly BC of all the bullshit. I waited 7+ months w my original Droid for the bionic to finally b released. Then I paid 300$$$ yup three bills for this phone. Then comes the razr 2mo after the release… Wow. Fail. Then comes ics!! Yaay, o wait thats for galaxy nexus in dec. Bionic owners we dont care about ur loyalty, money, or anything else. And to thank u we give no ics release date for bionic. Well moto, u were my fav phone mfg. Since u slapped me twice, I will be buying an iPhone 5 instead of any other product from u. And I will tell as many as I can 2 do the same. Communication w ur customers should be a higher priority. hope u release it soon so I can play w what ive been waiting for, for far 2 long. Sincerely one of the biggest x Droid fans & advocates. #motofail

  7. I bought the Bionic and the subsequent release of the RAZR doesn’t bother me at all. The RAZR specifications are mostly similar with the Bionic and I like being able to swap batteries in and out, which RAZR owners can’t do. I’m more upset with connectivity issues that at times make the Bionic less than fully dependable. They sold me a system that simply wasn’t ready for prime time, at prime time prices.

    I like the Bionic when everything is working right and I like ICS so I’ll feel a bit better if they get ICS out in the next week or two. However, I’ll feel much better if the Bionic works dependably with ICS.

    Although I had purchased mostly Motorola phones for the last 15 years, I just bought a Samsung SIII to replace a Droid X that was due an upgrade (preordered before the unlimited data plan with upgrades ended). We’ll see how Samsung goes. I simply want stuff I buy to work as advertised. Is that too much to ask?

  8. When I bought my Bionic at a Verizon Store in Jersey City, NJ last September, the salesman told me that ICS would be released for the Bionic the following month.

    If I had known better, I would not have bought it.

    In order to have decent battery life, I had to order the extended battery immediately. Well, at least THAT was available.

    Unfortunately, the lies were too.

  9. Still waiting, when is it coming? All of these leaks are just driving me nuts. I want the upgrade. Been waiting long enough now, phones are all being released with it now, just put it out already.

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  11. I played this stupid game with Motorola for entirely too long. They’ve lost a long time customer. I love my Galaxy S III.

  12. Well, I’ve read all the comments about the bionic, razr, GB, ICS, where is MY update, and all the rest. I may be crazy, but I like my bionic just like it is and when Motorola and Verizon put out an update, I will upgrade. Why does everyone else get so worked up? I guess none of you crybabies ever had to ask one of your neighbors to hang up their phone and get off the “party line” so you could make an emergency call! Be happy you live in a time when all this new tech is evolving and don’t get so impatient. Life is great, take a little time to enjoy it and relax!

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