Nexus 7 Torn Down, Battery Found To Be Easily Replaced

Before most users can get their hands on the latest Android tablet iFixit already dissected the Nexus 7 to determine how fixable it is.


The new Jelly Bean tablet is much easier to repair than the new iPad. At least it’s much easier to get open thanks to the retaining clips that secure the back to the screen. Apple glues the screen of the iPad to the aluminum back to make it harder to open. The Asus and Google Nexus 7 is one millimeter thicker than the iPad as a result, though users probably won’t notice the difference in thickness in day-to-day usage.

On the bottom the plastic back iFixit found the NFC, GPS, and WiFi antennas with marking to show their creation in April and May.


The relatively large 4326 mAh, 16 WH battery dominates the insides of the Nexus 7. iFixit found the large battery is easily replaced, unlike the iPad’s battery. Asus only secured the battery with a small amount of adhesive on the metal frame. Replacement batteries might be difficult to find, but users can easily put in new batteries should they need to.


The rest of the teardown doesn’t have any big surprises. There’s an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, speakers, an accelerometer, and 1GB of RAM. The RAM is actually the same kind that Apple uses in the Macbook Pro with Retina Display. It doesn’t change its function, but it is an interesting sidenote.

In the end, the Nexus 7 is a relatively easy tablet to repair, especially if only the battery needs a replacement. Remember that tearing apart the device will likely void the warranty, so only users that are sure they know what they’re doing should attempt it.