Sena Florence Portfolio iPad Case Review

The Sena Florence Portfolio for the new iPad is a sleek leather case that includes a paper notepad, stylus and a place to keep the odds and ends that come with a mobile office.


While the Florence Portfolio is thicker than a standard iPad case, the design and leather allows the case to stay relatively thin and easy to carry. The leather flap clasps in place with a snap buckle, and the inner notebook flap includes a magnet to activate the sleep/wake feature of the iPad.

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - split

The Sena Florence Portfolio includes a paper notepad flap for fast note takers.


Like all the Sena leather cases I have reviewed, the leather looks and feels nice. The stitching is sturdy and uniform, so I expect this case will hold up well over time. I have used the case for a month and it shows little sign of wear.

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - open

A look at the inside of the SENA Florence Portfolio.


I don’t like the small bulge which pops up at the hinge on the front cover while the case is closed, but even if something in my bag where to slide in here the inner flap sits flat against the iPad display for protection.


SENA Florence Portfolio Review - profile

Slight bump when the case is closed.

The Sena Florence Portfolio offers easy access to the orientation lock, volume controls, dock connection and headphone jack. The camera is also accessible, though I don’t recommend trying to use the iPad as a camera while in this case for anything but capturing notes into Evernote because of the portion of the case which hangs down.

Inside the case is a flap with a standard size paper notepad holder and a stylus/pen combo that clips next to the notepad. The rear of this flap is soft to prevent iPad scratches. The outer flap can hold an ID card, four credit cards and papers folded in half.

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - landscape

The SENA Florence Portfolio in landscape mode.


The case allows users to place the iPad in landscape viewing for use as a second monitor or for watching movies. This is not as sturdy as many other plastic cases, but for viewing and not touching it works.

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - typing

Fold the case around to type faster.

The case also allows users to type with a slight angle, which offers a bit of extra productivity when I leave my computer in the office.

Why Paper?

I prefer to take notes on paper because I never have to worry about losing sight of my notes, palm rejection failing and I’m just plain faster at taking notes on paper.

By taking notes on the paper notepad I can quickly digitize them by taking a photo and sending them to Evernote. Evernote automatically performs optical character recognition, making the notes searchable.



The Sena Florence Portfolio case has the looks and the features necessary to take to a meeting and handle digital and analog notes. I routinely revert back to taking notes on paper and importing them to Evernote later, which is a great way to use this case.

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - closed

The SENA Florence Portfolio is a nice leather case.

The Florence Portfolio still offers the convenience of using the iPad to look up information or share a presentation, without the need to ask someone to slow down or repeat what they just said while taking notes. I wish the paper notepad flap was accessible while the iPad was visible, but the notepad is easy enough to remove.

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