Verizon Tablets No Longer Available On-Contract

With the introduction of its shared data plans, Verizon no longer will offer its tablets at subsidized prices meaning those interested in snagging one will have to pay an arm and a leg.


First noticed by SlashGear, Verizon’s tablet selection online no longer lists any subsidized pricing. Instead, all of its tablets are listed at full price.

This also means that Verizon will no longer require consumers to sign a contract when purchasing one of these tablets. It also means that tablets like the 4G LTE Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 will cost $630 out the door.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will now cost $550 outright. Of course, these prices mean that users won’t have to bind themselves into a contract. Those that wish to go on the internet though will require a data plan from Verizon.


Tablets like the Xyboard are no longer available on-contract.


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Data for these tablets starts at $60 per month. That will net 2GB of data. $70 per month will get 4GB, $80 for 6GB, $90 for 8GB, and for those that wish to pay a bunch for a bunch of data, Verizon also offers 10GB of data for $100.

Verizon also offers pre-paid tablet rates that range from $20 for 1GB of data, $30 for 2GB, $50 for 3GB, or $80 for 8GB.

Those that are grandfathered into unlimited data plans will be able to avoid signing up for these plans and will instead be able to use their current data plan.

However those that sign up for a new contract will be forced to choose from one of these Shared Everything plans which Verizon launched back at the end of June and allow users to lump together devices into one bill.