Smartphone Abuse: How We Destroy Our Favorite Gadgets [Infographic]

When it comes to smartphones, we are guilty of mistreating our favorite gadgets.


T-Mobile partnered with Kelton Research to find out just how bad we mistreat our phones and what we’ll do to avoid losing our smartphone after it goes for a swim in a toilet or gets tossed out with last week’s leftovers.

T-Mobile’s compiled the data to show just how easy it is to ruin a smartphone, and to help draw attention to the company’s new Monthly 4G Handset protection.

Surprisingly while 73% of us insure our cars, only 35% of smartphone users insure their device. According to the survey, two in  five smartphone owners have lost or damaged a smartphone, something even the GottaBeMobile staff is guilty of.

  • 37% scratched the screen.
  • 29% spilled a drink on it.
  • 29% dropped it down a flight of stairs.
  • 20% dropped it in the toilet.

When we lose our smartphones we’re a mess. While I’m not ready to leave home without pants, 11% of those surveyed would rather walk out the door without pants than without their cell phone. 55% of women would rather leave home without makeup and cash and credit cards are lower on the list for a good deal of smartphone owners.


Check out the infographic for some of the crazy things we’ll do to save our phones after doing something stupid with them.


Smartphone Destruction Infographic

When it comes to retrieving our dropped and abused smartphones, a majority of users would do something disgusting to get their phone back. This includes 63% who would search through the trash and 59% who would remove it from a toilet.

Kids, stairs and cars are common causes of smartphone drops. Check out the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III drop test to see what can happen in a split second.


Before signing up for smartphone insurance and warranty protection with a carrier check out third-party insurance and warranty vendors like SquareTrade and others.