HTC Rep Gives Droid Incredible 2 Owners Familiar Ice Cream Sandwich Response

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  1. Dunny_Candela

    Thanks, Adam, for keeping us(if it is only few) Droid Incredible 2 owners updated with the ICS situation, a word from Verizon would be nice, but maybe they are being the smart ones for keeping quiet and avoiding flak. Either way, thanks again.

    • Jay

      Im on contract till june i believe, i will remain patient because this is the last update this phone will get, but come on already

  2. nemobhax

    thanks for staying on top of this.

    • nemobhax

      whoops, for the Thunderbolt i meant.

  3. Mithrandir48

    Never again HTC, thanks for making my next smart phone choice much easier.

    • Howbuds Rader

      Typing this from my new S3 and gave wife the Dinc 2! No more HTC phones for us! But am sure Verizon has their hand also delaying update to ICS.
      Had the Droid Eris, Dinc 1, and then the Dinc 2. Glad I chose to try Samsung out, love this phone!

  4. Dan Kesler

    thanx for the update

  5. Brandon

    I will not purchase another HTC product. I am tired of the the generic “It’s coming, but we can’t say when” excuse. If you do not buy their high end products, you are put on the back burner. This is a strategy to get you to upgrade to a higher priced phone. When I do, I will go with Samsung. Thanks for nothing HTC.

  6. Seth Mishne

    Hope it gets released soon. Tired of waiting for it.

  7. Jen

    Am I the only one who thinks people are being extremely whiney about this whole thing? I have an Incredible 2, and I was disappointed when my update didn’t come. However, I understand that there are probably reasons for the delay. I am happy with my phone as-is but it was a nice bonus to hear ICS would be coming along. I swear people will whine about anything.

    • kalojado

      No, you aten’t the only one. I too was excited to get ICE on my phone, but to be perfectly honest i am happy with my incredible 2. I have had the Samsung Fascinated, Droid X and X2 and my incredible 2 has been my favorite out of all of them. This phone simply works, and works good. If they rush an update thT isn’t on par and.screws up the good phone I have now, I would not be happy. I’ve seen what happens when companies cave and give an update just to keep people happy. Many samsung.fascinate owners had bricked phones after gingerbread was pushed out quicker than it should have been. Same issue then too, people were complaining, writing them, calling them saying they were leaving samsung for iphone and other brands. Im sure theres a good reason it isnt out yet. Yeah, it’d be nice to hear something, but im not gonna rush them. My phone is good now, im happy….

    • Shane

      Agreed! I would rather have the update work properly!! Nothing more frustrating then releasing something early and having to call tech support with bugs.

  8. galaxy

    I think silence frustrates people more than missing a deadline. So back whenever they said by the end of August. Ok so that has passed. It would serve them better to have just come out officially and said why they missed it and say they will keep us posted, then they should keep us posted. This thing where individual customers reps respond to individual customers emails with different bits of information is just plain stupid.

  9. Clayton Johnson

    I actually called in this morning and the Rep would no longer even confirm we were getting ICS. So I S-Off’d, Rooted, flashed the boot image, flashed a recovery, and installed a HTC One ported ICS rom. Every single item on it works. The ONLY thing I’ve found missing is the Facial Recognition unlock. Have fun holding your breath. If it’s anything like the Incredible 1 they will stall for months then say it just doesn’t work correctly and scrap the update(2.2 to 2.3 went this way, I rooted that phone too) for the phone and only release yearly bug fixes. Get used to it if you own a HTC. Apple works off the vain type of customer they have that wants the newest color to be different and some how better. HTC just straight bends you over and tries to make you believe some 15 year old that ported the rom is better than the programmers they pay 250k+ a year.

    I’ve got a call in to upper management. I also work at a call center for another company so I’m aware of certain policies in place that will get your call elevated above a floor supervisor. I’m still trying to confirm it will even get the update. If so I could always unroot my phone. I dumped everything to backup files before I did anything. Like I said before though. I won’t hold my breath.

    On another note. Ice cream sandwich runs WAY smoother than stock. It would definitely be beneficial for the phone to receive this update. So don’t let them make you believe it isn’t when they cancel it publicly. I’ll still buy HTC phones most likely. The phones are quite awesome. Support for updates is nearly non-existent. It’s better than Motorola’s still. I would never give apple a single cent of my money. I’ve never owned a Samsung but I’ve seen a lot of them break on the first drop. Over all HTC is still the best. Luckily I know several programming languages and am in the IT field. I’ll just always root mine and do with it as I please.

    • Clayton Johnson

      One other thing. The refurb I got under warranty three weeks ago on my Incredible 2 (Switched from Droid3 because they sent me three of those paperweights that didn’t work right in a row), has a newer baseband radio version. Gets a much better signal out in the sticks where I live than my buddies Incredible 2 on the old baseband version.

  10. J

    “HTC originally said that the update would be out by the end of August but missed that date more than a month ago.”
    You need a new calendar :-)

    I ping them weekly on facebook and/or twitter and get the standard BS response. “Thanks for being patient” … Um, I’m NOT patient; I’m pretty pissed.

  11. daviejones

    I just got the incredible 2 for quiet cheep here in asia …root or wait hummmm

  12. Rick Marcus

    I’ll wait for all you younger guys to check out this update. After I got burned on my Droid X with soft and hard reboots I’ll let you test drive before I chance my stable phone.

  13. av8r

    Had enough of the excuses from HTC. Threw my Dinc 2 in the back drawer and bought an iPhone 5. Now soooo happy!

  14. jinks345

    Piss and moan I mean Damn if you want to push something out that has bugs root/ flash and be done with it I had Samsung it was ok but now I got my new din2 I’m happy with it but like I said I can wait for a stable updates lol just my two cents

  15. Tyler

    Good morning (My Name), I understand the importance of knowing if the Incredible 2 will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update. I will be more than happy to give you a little information on this. I do apologize that you are disappointed in not receiving it yet, but the phone will get the update. Unfortunately, HTC no longer announces dates for release of software due to the nature of the software development process. At any point in the software development cycle a situation may be encountered that requires anything from some minor additional rework, to complete rewrites of the software base. Only after the final acceptance testing has been successfully completed will HTC release software. The normal time period between the final acceptance testing and release of software is about a week and often shorter than that. You can keep up with the update on our website at (My Name), I hope the update is released soon for you, and if you have any other questions or concerns about this, please let me know. I hope you have a wonderful day and your voice is the most important part of HTC. If I have answered all of your questions today (My Name), I would love to invite you to fill out our feedback survey. You can access the survey by clicking the link below to close your ticket. When you close the ticket the survey will be offered.

  16. Gene Sigala

    waiting for my tasty treat samsung here i come

    • jamie

      good thing my verizon dinc2. is a world phone now unlocked, and can take a sim card. with all this suspense crap about ics and jelly bean ill consider return to att with my sim

  17. Rich

    I ported the inc s its which HTC released a couple months ago. absolutely no issues at all! the incredible s is the gsm version of the inc 2. so HTC, why does it work? I’ve got little to no experience with android, and I made it work… maybe you should re-read those software engineer resumes, huh?

  18. James

    I bought this phone over iPhone 4s because I love androids os and HTC’s products and remembered that ICS and Jellybean were made to bridge tablets,phones and pc’s . So with out researching i assumed HTC and Verizon were rolling out a update…. I have since then considered iPhone 5 because the bridge between tablets at least has in my opinion been established.

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