Do Not Disturb for iPhone: How to Win Friends & Be Productive

Do Not Disturb for iPhone is a great feature that can help you be more productive and pay more attention to friends.


Apple added a new feature in iOS 6, called Do Not Disturb, which allows users to turn off all visual and audible notifications. When turned on, Do Not Disturb makes it easier to focus on the task at hand or to ignore Facebook notifications while talking with friends sitting across from you.

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Do Not Disturb for the iPhone silences texts, calls and other notifications, but users can allow a select group of callers through and repeat calls will ring through, so a boss or family member can get through in an emergency. The 90 second video below explains the Do Not Disturb iPhone feature.


How to be More Productive with Do Not Disturb for iPhone

How to Use Do Not Disturb on iOS 6 - 1

Do Not Disturb controls notifications.


Notifications are awesome for finding out what’s going on with friends and seeing the latest emails, but when it comes time to get serious work done distractions are a major productivity killer.

The problem isn’t just flirting with losing an hour on reddit or Facebook. The simple marimba or alert going off is enough to significantly decrease productivity, even when ignoring the alert.

The time lost to notifications is tough to nail down, but an email notification can take as little as a minute away from the task at hand, to 15-20 minutes before the user can focus back on the work at hand.

It’s tough to live without iPhone notifications all the time, but with Do Not Disturb, the iPhone can silence all notifications for a limited time. This is a great way to focus on problem solving or creativity, and is something to consider even when working on a computer.


Open up settings on the iPhone running iOS 6, and slide the Do Not Disturb slider to On. It will stay on until it is manually turned off. Users who are normally productive every afternoon can schedule Do Not Disturb to go on and then off at set times.

How to Win Friends with the Do Not Disturb for iPhone

do not disturb iPhone friends

Do not disturb can save a friend.

The iPhone isn’t going to help you meet new friends, but using Do Not Disturb can help you make friends faster and keep a better line of communication to the friend’s you already have.

By turning on Do Not Disturb when you meet a new friend or group of friends at college or during lunch with coworkers, you’ll be more focused on what’s happening and are more likely to carry on a conversation.

Sounds like common sense, but many of us fail to realize how much time we spend glued to our phones while hanging out with friends. Try turning Do Not Disturb on with a flick of the switch in Settings, and see how it changes the interaction the next time you are with friends.


What’s Missing?

The iPhone features accurate GPS location information and access to a user’s calendar, but there is no way to trigger Do Not Disturb for iPhone based on events or locations.

it would be great if the iPhone calendar offered a Do Not Disturb option for the calendar, allowing users to set the phone to go into Do Not Disturb mode while in specific meetings with friends or business associates.

It would also be great if the iPhone could go into Do Not Disturb mode at specific locations. If a specific room of the house is designated for work, or a coffeeshop is the best place for productivity, the iPhone should be able to automatically turn it on when a user steps in the door.

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