Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest game in Rovio’s popular mobile franchise, and it’s arguably the best game of the series and possibly one of the best Star Wars games ever.


Angry Birds Star Wars uses the same basic gameplay as previous Angry Birds titles with a few changes. Players still need to use the slingshot to fling birds across the screen to destroy the pigs. The difference this time is everyone involved plays the role of a character from Star Wars which gives the birds special abilities.

The special abilities are what make this game special because they open up new ways of playing. In previous Angry Birds games the basic way to solve each level was to find the best way to destroy the few pieces or wood or glass that hold together the Bad Piggies‘ structure. In Angry Birds Star Wars the abilities add a new level of problem solving.

Angr Birds Star Wars main screen


Arguably the biggest change is the addition of blasters in the game. The Strom Trooper pigs will occasionally fire blasters at the birds, and the Han Solo yellow bird can shoot his own blaster. The shots fired from the blasters can bounce off any cement piece, sometimes traveling through several pigs on the way.


The blasters open new ways for players to try to reflect their own shots to destroy the pigs. The Luke Skywalker red bird can also reflect the shots with his lightsaber. There’s a lot of timing involved, but the first time I managed to reflect three shots to hit two pigs and collapse a structure below another made me more excited than any other game I’ve played on my iPhone recently except maybe when I completed Rayman Jungle Run.

Angry Birds Star Wars doesn’t just borrow character and level designs from the movie franchise, it also takes in the story and the music. The title screen for the game features the familiar Star Wars main theme with a small Angry Birds twist put on it. Each level also features music from the Star Wars universe, which sounds great and fits the aesthetic of the game.

The game so far follows the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It starts with Luke battling Sand People with no lightsaber. Later Obi Wan Kenobi shows up with his Force Push ability, and later still Han Solo appears with his blaster. After a short scene of Solo blasting Greedo on Tatooine the game transitions to space where the game shifts from traditional Angry Birds to Angry Birds Space-esque levels.

A later free update will add Hoth and will likely follow the story of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.


If Angry Birds Space was the natural evolution of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars is the next step that combines the two with even more mechanics and more interesting puzzles. The game is an easy recommendation for any Star Wars fan and a must buy for anybody with a mobile device and any modicum of interest in Angry Birds.