Stan Lee’s Verticus Comes Too iPhone and iPad November 15

Comic book creator Stan Lee will release his first game for iPhone and iPad next week according to Touch Arcade.


The new game comes from Stan Lee and Moonshark Studios and it’s called Verticus. Because Stan Lee attached himself to the game, it should come as no surprise that it involves a superhero trying to save Earth. Verticus has a stranger concept than most superheros, however.

Verticus must fight the evil alien race called The Obliterators by plummeting to the Earth’s core where the villains set up a doomsday device. Along the way Verticus encounters the aliens and other obstacles he can either avoid or try to destroy before he hits them.

During his fall Vertius will also collect what look like coins and power-ups to help him fight his way through.


The gameplay looks like a cross between an endless runner like Temple Run and the BASE jumping game AaAaAA (Force = Mass x Acceleration). It looks like an interesting take on both concepts if it works well.


Without Stan Lee’s name Verticus would look just as interesting, but would likely languish in the App Store unless featured by Apple. The Stan Lee name gives the game a lot of credibility before it comes out. As the co-creator of heros like Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The Avengers Stan Lee knows what makes superheros fun.

Verticus is the second game from Moonshark Studios. The team’s first game was DancePad, a rhythm game with Jennifer Lopez’s name attached to it. DancePad received a number of positive reviews from critics and was the #1 Music Game for iPad when it first hit the App Store. Verticus is a big departure from DancePad, but that doesn’t mean the new game isn’t as good if not better.

No word on the price of Verticus.