The Walking Dead Episode 4 Now Available on iPhone and iPad

After a short wait The Walking Dead on iPhone and iPad now has the same amount of content as the PC and console version of the game.


Today Telltale Games released Episode 4 of The Walking Dead title “Around Every Corner” on iPhone and iPad. The episode came to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 a few weeks ago. The first episode of The Walking Dead came to iOS shortly after the second episode came to other consoles. This is the first time every version of the game has access tot eh same amount of content.

Episode 4 of The Walking Dead follows the group as they deal with an unexpected loss. The group finally makes it Savannah in their search to find a boat so they can escape the zombies that plague the land. As they search the another group of humans pursues Lee and his group, putting more pressure on him to protect Clementine.

Like previous episodes, Around Every Corner costs $4.99. Gamers can also choose to buy the episode as part of a pack for $14.99. With a total of four episodes beyond the first the pack saves gamers about $5 as opposed to buying each episode individually.


The Walking Dead is generally thought of as a Game of The Year contender among many video game critics, and the iOS version is arguably the best version of the game. While iOS gamers have to wait a bit longer for each episode swiping and tapping zombies feels much more intense than mashing buttons to escape them.


Episode 5 of The Walking Dead will come to consoles and PC before the end of the year. It’s not clear if the episode will make it to the iPad and iPhone at the same time. If it doesn’t the final episode will likely reach iOS sometime in early 2013, just in time for those who get an iPad or iPhone over the holidays.