How to Setup Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an Apple app that uses GPS to find a friend’s location when they are using an Apple device like the iPhone or iPad.


The app may sound cheesy, but it has some definitive advantages.

This is extremely helpful for meeting a friend at a new coffee shop, picking up a relative at the airport or keeping track of family members throughout the day.

Apple has added a lot of new functionality into Find My Friends in iOS 6 that is worth checking out even if you’ve written off Find My Friend’s before. Some of the options now available are temporary location sharing, and going off the grid.

With an easy to use interface, Find my Friends is setup in several simple steps.


How to Setup Find My Friends

To setup Find My Friends first go the app store and download the Find My Friends app. Once it downloads the app should appear on the home screen like so.


Find My Friends app

Tap Find Friends 

Sign In

Enter the Apple ID and Password used with iTunes, then select Sign In.


Friend's Status

As soon as the account is logged in there will be a screen like the one above. If friends have already been added they will appear on the map with the last place available like above.

Location of Friends

Tap the map to have a better view of the friends in your area like the example above.

Add Friends


To add friends Select + in the top right corner.

Friend Invitation

Enter the email address, or name of the contact to add friends to the app. Once finished enter a personal message if you need to, and select Send.

To accept invitations select the requests tab in the bottom right of the screen.


Once Find My Friends is set up, and some friends join the account there are many options in how the user can use the application.

Find My Friends Temporary Sharing

One of these ways is to use the Temporary feature to share your location for a short while. This could be useful while planning a trip with coworkers or family who you don’t want to always know your location.

Temporary Friends

To set up a temporary location Select Invite Friends.

Temporary Friends Parameters

Enter the contact information for the friend and then also put the event name, and time. Only those invited will be able to see each others place. Also, as soon as the even is over the location privileges expire.

Find My Friends Going Off the Grid

Another feature of Find My Friends is the ability to go off the grid. This allows users to turn off location sharing with their friends.

Follower Options

Select the Me tab and turn Hide from Followers to ON.

Find My Friends Notifications

Find My Friends also allows individual notification settings for each friend. To do this tap on the map from the friends tab.

Expanded Map

Choose the friend to change notifications for by tapping their dot and Selecting the blue information circle.

Tap Information

Once the friend is selected Tap Notify Me.

Notify Me

The options of notifications are for whether the friend leaves or arrives at their current address, or an address the user enters. By default notifications are enabled for when friends leave their current location.

Arrive or Leave

Overall the Find My Friends app is useful in certain situations. The ease of use, and ability to connect with friends makes the app fun and helpful for users.