iPhone 5 Jailbreak: #gr1mra1n is a Fake

Hopes for an iPhone 5 jailbreak spiked and faded early Monday morning when well-known iOS hacker @p0sixninja posted #gr1mra1n to Twitter.


Twitter users quickly peppered @p0sixninja with messages asking about what users thought was an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other devices.

The use of numbers and the word rain, were common in early jailbreak tools, but it looks like this was a bit of trolling among developers.

iPhone 5 jailbreak gr1mra1n

The #gr1mra1n iPhone 5 jailbreak isn’t real, just a joke between developers.

Earlier in the evening, @p0sixninja Tweeted, “The current status of an iPhone 5 jailbreak is grim. I’m working on something bigger and few people share with me anymore.” Note the “grim” wording of his tweet.


While many jailbreakers picked up on the sarcasm, others believed an iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak was almost ready for release, capable of an iPhone 5 jailbreak, iPhone 4S jailbreak and jailbreaks for other devices.  @MuscleNerd put this to rest, letting the jailbreak community know that, “#gr1mra1n is fake  (@p0sixninja thought it’d be fun to troll you).”


The good news is that @p0sixninja is working on something bigger. What could be bigger than an iPhone 5 jailbreak? According to p0sixninja, he is working on, “BootROM and decryption keys for A5/A5X/A6/A6X”, all of which lead to an exploit that, “makes userland jailbreaks 1000% easier.”

If @p0sixninja can dump the BootROM it could lead to easier and faster jailbreak releases for the latest Apple devices, but according to @MuscleNerd the, “Bootrom hasn’t even been dumped since 2010, let alone crashed or exploited.” @p0sixninja replied, “actually I have quite a few crashes, and I’m close to dumping it. I never said I had a bootrom exploit though,” so it remains a confusing matter.

So far the progress on an iPhone 5 jailbreak or iOS 6 jailbreak is steady, but it may require an Apple developer account to pull it off. There are many fakes trying to get money from jailbreakers. Users should wait to upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 until jailbreak hackers give the all clear.

Stay tuned for more jailbreak news.