LG Nexus 4 Goes On Sale Tomorrow, With 2-Day Shipping

The LG Nexus 4 goes on Sale on Tuesday November 13th for $299 on the Google Play Store with an option for 2-day delivery, so users can get the Nexus 4 in their hands by mid-week.


The LG Nexus 4 is the latest flagship Android phone form Google and LG, and the first to run Android 4.2, an updated version of Jelly Bean with a Photosphere camera, quick access to settings, a new clock widget and other exciting features.

Google did not offer an LG Nexus 4 pre-order like it did for the Nexus 7 earlier this year, which is good news for users looking forward to owning the Nexus 4. The Nexus 7 tablet pre-order was confusing, with various release dates online and in store.

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LG Nexus 4 on sale Tuesday

LG Nexus 4 goes on sale Tuesday.


Android Police confirmed with Google that the Nexus 4 goes on sale on November 13th with immediate shipping, and an option for 2-day shipping to users that order early. This is confirmed for the U.S., but should apply for most other countries with Nexus 4 availability on November 13th.


Users can sign up for an email when the Nexus 4 goes on sale, but Google did not announce a specific time for Nexus 4 orders. Google could start taking orders as early as midnight on the 13th, but it’s more likely that we’ll see an early morning, Eastern time, for the start of Nexus 4 orders.

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The Nexus 7 is currently available with two-day shipping for $13.99, and he Google Play Store only lists 2-day shipping, so it doesn’t look likely that the Nexus 4 will arrive with an overnight shipping option as Android Police claims. It can take Google 2 business days to process an order, but early orders will likely ship the same day.

For users that miss out on the first batch of Nexus 4 sales, it could be a long wait. Like Apple launches, recent Google Play Store sales of devices resulted in waits of one to three weeks for the Nexus 7. While the Nexus 4 will be available from other retailers, most are offering the Nexus 4 at a higher price or with a two-year contract. Shoppers that purchase the Nexus 4 from Google Play can use the phone on any compatible carrier with no contract.


The Nexus 4 8GB is $299 and the Nexus 4 16GB is $349 with no contract. Users can choose to use the phone on AT&T’s network, T-Mobile’s network or on a pre-paid carrier like Straight Talk or Red Pocket Mobile. Most users should consider paying more for the 16GB Nexus 4.