Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock Turns Phablet into a Computer

The Galaxy Note 2 features a side by side multitasking feature that helps users get things done faster, and with the Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock, owners can use this killer feature on a bigger screen complete with a mouse, keyboard and external storage.


Samsung now sells the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock, a $99 dock for the 5.5-inch Glaxy Note 2 that connects the phone to an array of accessories for more productivity.

The Galaxy Note 2 dock will likely see most use at home or in an office, but it could also turn a hotel HDTV into a Galaxy note 2 powered computer for travelers who want to leave a notebook at home, and don’t mind carrying a collection of cords.

Gaalxy note 2 Smart Dock

The Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock adds USB ports and HDMI out.

The Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock charges the Note 2 and adds three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port and 3.5mm headphone jack. Users can connect various devices to the Note 2 via the Smart Dock, include an external hard drive or USB drive, mouse and keyboard with this accessory. The HDMI output can mirror the Galaxy Note 2 display on an HDTV in 1080P. This is handy for watching videos or for working on the smartphone on a larger screen.


The Smart Dock would deliver a better value for the price if it included a Webtop like mode that offered a windowed user interface, but for now users are stuck with Android 4.1 and TouchWiz. Motorola killed off Webtop earlier this year and we’ve yet to see a competitor from Samsung or other mobile companies make it to market. The ability to place windows side-by-side on the Note 2 helps with getting work done. The Chrome browser should deliver an experience similar to the Chromebook, so users can get webwork and basic office tasks done.


Galaxy note 2 Smart Dock back

Turnt he Note 2 into a computer with the Smart Dock.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available on T-Mobile and Sprint, and is on the way to AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular. The Galaxy Note 2 delivers a 5.5-inch display with features like multitasking on the large display and using the included S Pen stylus to write and annotate photos and documents. Check out our Galaxy Note 2 review video below for a closer look at the latest Samsung phablet.