How to Add the iPad to a Verizon Share Everything Plan

Adding the iPad to a Verizon Share Everything plan is a great way to stay connected while on the go for just $10 a month, but adding the iPad or iPad mini to a Share Everything plan is more complicated than it needs to be.

The Verizon Share Everything plan allows iPad users to add the iPad to┬átheir┬áplan for $10 a month and share the plan’s data allowance with phones and tablets on the account. With this $10 a month charge the iPad with LTE or iPad mini with LTE can connect to the internet anywhere there is a signal and can act as a personal hotspot that lasts for hours at no extra charge.

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iPad Share Everything

Add the iPad to a Share Everything plan.


There is no way to add the iPad to a Share Everything plan without calling Verizon and going through a sales person to add a new line. Users should avoid signing up for the iPad plan directly on the iPad or iPad mini, as it may require a new SIM to switch to a Share Everything plan, which means waiting or driving in to a store.

Adding the iPad to a Share Everything plan should only take 10 minutes and does not require a contract extension or new contract.

How to Add the iPad to a Share Everything Plan on Verizon

Locate the iPad IMIE number on the back of the iPad box or under Settings -> General -> About. Verizon will need this number of the MEID number to activate the iPad on an account.

With this information in hand, call Verizon from a cell phone with *611 or by calling 1-800-922-0204 from a non Verizon phone. Be sure to have any account passwords on hand, and be ready to provide the last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number if asked.

iPad mini with 4G LTE

Add an iPad to a Share Everything plan for $10 a month.


Users will need to talk to an agent in sales to add a new line for the iPad on a Share Everything plan. Those looking to replace an existing tablet or phone may be able to get by with technical support.

After sharing the information, the iPad or iPad mini with LTE will show up on the account and allow users to connect to the web from anywhere and use the iPad as a hotspot.

For now it is not possible to add the iPad or iPad mini to an account online or on the iPad.


  1. BUBBA says

    I am adding an I pad to my Unlimited Data phone ( I bought my new phone at retail ) I pay $30 for mobile hot spot from my new phone and now I have Unlimited Data to my New I Pad. :)

  2. nnorris7 says

    I was able to add my iPad mini to my Share Everything account via Verizon’s website today. You have to log in and walk through several screens (which includes picking a new mobile number and re-entering credit approval information) but it eventually worked. It took about 2 hours for them to activate service on my iPad mini (it’s not instantaneous).

  3. m fox says

    you well get more data, at a cheaper price, and no overages, if you get a prepaid iPad plan instead. and nit share the data. 5 gb i $50, share data charges $80 for 6gb or &70 for 4gb + $10 for the line

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