Griffin Announces New iPhone 5 Car Charger

Today Griffin announced the first of its iPhone 5 Lightning accessories, the PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector, a car charger.


The iPhone 5 car charger is a regular car charger with an attached Lightning cable that will charge an iPhone 5, iPad mini, new iPod touch, new iPod nano, or iPad fourth generation from a car’s power outlet. The device is the first Lightning cable accessory from Griffin, at least it’s the company’s first that actually includes a Lightning cable.

The PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector is available now for $24.99. Griffin sells another car charger for the iPhone 5, or any other mobile device for $19.99. That’s the PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro which includes 2 USB ports and no attached cables. iPhone 5 users will need to supply their own Lightning cables for the second car charger, but that can also use it to charge another device, including a friend’s iPhone 5 if they have an extra Lightning cable.Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector

The Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector is the second iPhone 5 car charger this week. The first came from Belkin and Scosche, but aren’t available for purchase yet. Many more car chargers will likely come with Lightning connectors as Apple approves them for the Made for iPhone, Made for iPod, and Made for iPad program.

Other recent Lightning accessories include two new JBL speaker docks, both of which support the iPhone 5. More iPhone 5 accessories will soon come to market, though some might miss the holiday season because of Apple’s late Made for iPhone seminar in China.


Users who don’t want to buy entirely new accessories for their iPhone 5 can buy adapters from Apple. In the case of iPhone 5 car chargers the adapters, which start at $29, are more expensive, but in the long run buying one adapter is cheaper than buying a number of new accessories. For some accessories adapters are easy to use, but users will run into problems with some speaker docks specifically made to fit older iPhones.