ZooGue Case Genius Pro Review: Functional But Not Beautiful

The ZooGue Case Genius Pro forgoes beauty for functionality in a good way. The folio style case protects my new iPad with high quality genuine leather that provides access to all ports and features. It also turns the iPad into a stand or attaches to a headrest for an in car mount.


Here’s what sets it apart from other stand cases. The ZooGue Case Genius holds the iPad at almost any angle thanks to some velcro strips that won’t come lose and flop flat.

This new model works as well as the original ZooGue Case Genius, but detracts from the thin design of the iPad 3rd generation and iPad 4th generation.

The case holds the iPad 2 or newer in place snugly with a flap and prevents it from sliding around like the iPad does in many folio style cases.


ZooGue Case Genius Pro Design

The new iPad and iPad 2 are much thinner than the first iPad, so the ZooGue Case Genius Pro is as well. However, some people prefer a much thinner case that only offers basic protection. These people will sacrifice some protection for a lighter, thinner case.


zoogue case genius back

For those who like a minimalist solution like the iPad Smart Cover with a thin back cover to protect the iPad from scratches and minor bumps, the ZooGue will feel heavy and dense. The ZooGue Case Genius Pro nearly triples the thickness of the new iPad third or fourth generation.

zoogue front

The velcro strips detract from aesthetic quality of the ZooGue Case Genius.

People will love the design of the ZooGue Case Genius Pro if they use their iPad to view content like movies, pictures or presentations or if they type documents. Two strips of velcro line the back of the case and attach to a flip out flap with a strip of velcro on the edge. This holds the iPad at various angles from about 10 to 80 degrees.


zoogue case genius

Notice the two strips of velcro that attach to the flip out flap on the back.

Also, there’s a hand strap on the back that holds the iPad in place in many situations. Detach the velcro strap and wrap it around a headrest in a vehicle to use the iPad for rear seat entertainment. The strap also serves as a holder for the iPad so people can use it with one hand.

zoogue case genius hand strap


The $58 price fits the quality and features of the ZooGue Case Genius Pro. It’s tough to find a case that offers protection and such a variety of features for less.

People who like super thin cases won’t enjoy the ZooGue nor will those who might be put off by the velcro on the back of the case. ZooGue Case Genius isn’t as attractive as it is useful. It’s designed for iPad users who want a case that will hold up well and protect the iPad while offering great features for viewing in stand mode or attaching to something using the strap.