Fake Apple Apps Hit Google’s Play Store

At a cursory glance at Google’s Play Store app storefront, it appears that rival Apple has released of its flagship mobile iWork and iLife apps for the Android platform, including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Garage Band, iMovie, and iPhoto. However, various news sites and blogs are advising that these apps may be fakes and users should not download the apps.



The apps are listed by ‘Apple Inc’ as the developer and when clicking links about the developer, users are re-directed to Apple’s webpages. In fact, the contact email address for the developer is even listed as [email protected] according to Phandroid

Prices for these supposed Apple-made Android apps fall in line with what Apple is selling for its mobile offerings on its own App Store, with pricing ranging between $5 and $10 depending on the app.

At this time, users are advised not to purchase these apps until we have confirmation from either Google or Apple. Users who have purchased the apps and find that the apps aren’t what they expect have a 15-minute window to request a refund via Google according to the Play Store official refund policies.


To date, Apple has not made its iWork or iLife suites to competing platforms, including Microsoft’s Windows platform for the desktop OS. The iWork and iLife suite are available only on OS X and as individual mobile apps for iOS on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and now the iPad mini.