iMessage Remains Down for Many as Apple Claims All is Well

This weekend Apple’s iMessage service encountered a few issues, which Apple says it fixed, though the service is still not working for many users on Monday.


Apple’s iCloud Support website says iMessage and every other Apple coud service is working, though many iOS users on Twitter are saying the messaging service isn’t working for them. It’s not clear if the outage is a new issue or a continuation from the outage on Sunday. If it is part of the previous outage, iMessage service will likely come back soon for the affected users.

Unlike the previous outage, today’s issue doesn’t impact every iOS user.


This two-day (for some) outage is the third iMessage outage in five weeks, which is troublesome for Apple. The company pushes iMessage as an alternative to SMS on the iPhone and IM on the Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. Both of those services are very reliable, at least more reliable than iMessage in recent weeks.


Last week Apple’s App Stores and iTunes Match experienced a similar outage. Some users were unable to view the App Store on any Apple device, while others were able to buy, download, and update apps as normal. An Apple representative said the service would take up to 24 hours to fix, and the issue only affected a portion of iOS users. Apple seemingly fixed the issue relatively quickly.


Here are a few complaints about the iMessage outage

With Apple pushing its cloud services on both iOS and the Mac, it needs to make sure they’re reliable enough for users who always need them. Apple’s recent Macs have relatively small amounts of storage because of Apple’s belief that users can store their files in the cloud. Services like iMessage and FaceTime (which was also included in the outage) are free, but some users pay for additional iCloud storage and iTunes Match and they expect those services to work at all times.