ZTE Grand X Pro Leaked With Edge-to-Edge Display

ZTE’s original Grand X debuted to some criticism for its build quality and it appears that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has taken note when it crafted the Grand X Pro. A newly leaked image of the Grand X Pro shows that the device has an edge-to-edge display that does away with thick side bezels, much like what Motorola had done with the Droid RAZR M in the U.S. for Verizon’s network, along with a more refined styling that complements Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.



The leaked image shows a device that is adorned by on-screen buttons that fits Gogole’s ICS design language. Gone are the capacitive touch buttons found just below the display on the original Grand X model.

Aside from the attractive leaked picture that was posted by Twitter userĀ @evleaks, there is not much additional information available at this time. Specs, pricing, release and availability information are still unknown for the Grand X Pro. Hopefully, with the Pro version, ZTE will continue the trend in using stock Android without much, if any, customizations to the UI.

A potential benefit to an edge-to-edge display is that the size of the phone can be shrunken. This would allow ZTE to either release a more compact smartphone or it would allow the company to release a phone with a slightly larger viewing display in roughly the same form factor as a prior generation model. Apple has experimented with the latter strategy in releasing a 7.9-inch iPad mini in roughly the same footprint as a 7-inch competing tablet.