Nexus 4 Goes on Sale Again with Familiar Issues

Earlier today, Google promised that the Nexus 4 smartphone would go up for sale once again at Noon PST and it seems that it did, for all of two minutes.

Google announced that its Nexus 4 smartphone, which sold out on its first day of availability on November 13th, would be going up for sale once again today in the U.S. Google Play Store at the stroke of Noon on the west coast. It appears though that customers are running into familiar issues with Google’s website as the site is once again telling several different stories.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.13.48 PM
The Nexus 4 returned to the Google Play Store with familiar issues.

When Noon came around, the device was immediately listed as sold out for many users. Many users, including myself, saw that the 8GB and 16GB listed as sold out at Noon. We’ve heard from others who were able to add the devices to their cart only to be met with errors when processing. When attempting to add it to the cart, I too was greeted with an error message. Similar errors emerged when the Nexus 4 went on sale earlier this month leaving many without an order.

Refreshing in the browser, something that worked last time around for many users, displayed two different scenarios. Google’s Play Store showed both the 8GB and 16GB models as being sold out when first landing on the website. After refreshing, the site offered different information with the 16GB model being listed as shipping out in 1-2 weeks. The 8GB had been flickering between sold out and shipping out in 4-5 weeks.


Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.14.26 PM

The site, as of right now, is still flickering between the sold out sign and a note about upcoming availability. The site lists the 8GB as arriving in 4-5 weeks, as we pointed out, while the 16GB is listed as shipping out in 1-2 weeks for those who order now.

It’s unclear if Google’s site actually is supposed to show “Sold Out” and not actually accept orders at this point. Google tells us that the device is not sold out yet and is still live in the store and shipping within different time frames. It also informs us that there are a lot of errors due to high traffic volume and that those who are experiencing errors should keep trying.

We’ll update when we receive more information.


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  1. Same thing happened to me when I ordered. About 10 times I was able to get to the checkout screen, then when clicking “Proceed”, I got an error about the servers being overloaded and to try later. If I clicked on the basket, about 1 out of three times it would allow me to try the proceed again, and the other two times the basket would be empty.

    Yay, google. They sure could learn some lessons from Amazon.

  2. incompetent asshats at google strike again…

    btw – if your order DOESNT go through it EMPTIES your cart (I have a screen shot of my cart EMPTY but saying there is “1 item” in the cart in the top right of screen…

  3. Google customer service just told me to wait til they have available next time. So they want me to waste another two hours of my life hitting the refresh buttonso I can give them $350. What a joke.

  4. I was able to purchase a phone well after the 12:00pst release time…maybe I got lucky? I did have to try to buy it several times before it actually worked though…

  5. Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.
    Introducing Google Play Learn More

  6. After almost two and a half hours, I am giving up for now. The closest I got was once (and only once!) the Google Wallet dialog came up to process my order. But after I entered in my information, it barfed with some technical error message and would not continue.

    The Google manager who runs the Google play store needs to go to the same place as the Apple manager who used to run Apple Maps.

  7. After two hours I am giving up too.. Unbelievable – Google does not enough bandwidth and servers to handle purchase of NExus 4?!? WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

  8. Looks like Google Play doesn’t have QA at all. Even if some people have this title :) this is basic concurrency test..

  9. I unsuccessfully tried to place an order through Google chrome, but my wife was able to place an order through IE9 at the same time. Looks like IE is preferred browser for Google Play.

  10. People are still trying to order but I don’t think google have more of the phone available in stock, if you noticed it now says “Ships from Google in 2 – 3 weeks” unlike earlier when it said 1-2 weeks. Why is it that google still says its available when clearly if you get through you are in the back order list, lol

    • and I’m one of those people, and for some reason. my order went through right after I posted my rant. I think the trick was me clicking the link from the email they sent against going directly to Google Play…

  11. i got my order in… go to cart once you have added the item and then you have to press tab until the proceed icon lights up and then press enter until google wallet comes up.. there you go!! just complete the order form and wait for the order to be process.

    • Lol, I paid $485 last week for a pre-order Nexus 4 on Ebay…then cancelled the order today to give it a try on Google and buy it for $394 hopefully. I spent 2.5 hours trying, clicking and refreshing without any luck. I was about to give up and go to work when I came across this post!!! It worked!!!! Thanks.

  12. I was able to get mine by signing out of chrome/gmail before clicking ‘proceed’ so that the button becomes ‘sign in and proceed’. Worked first go. Also was able to get it to work better using firefox and IE but I think that was because I had to login again when I switched browsers. So, try a new sign in first, then try new browsers.

  13. hahahaha,,,finally get thru after 5 hours with the confirmation of order…the phone in the cart all this time and I kept punching proceed from time to time….guess patience pays off…will see if I get the damn thing in 2-3 weeks as they claims……

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