Lifeproof iPad & iPhone Cases Offer Optional One Year Water Warranty

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  1. eyde briggshale

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  2. Wood iPhone Case

    its really good to see that a company will back its product up with such a strong claim.


  3. Norbert miller

    I purchased a 90$ life proof case from c spire . I followed instruction to check for water leaks . It seemed to be ok until I went in to the water. Water got into the case and destroyed myi phone. Life did not replace my phone or pay for repairs. This product is to risky to have a 500$ phone in it and not protect it.


  4. Norbert. Miler

    Not a good product cost me a 500$ I phone . Warranty does not cover water damage.


  5. Wesley

    Norbert, it clearly says that you have to buy it from lifeproof or verison. Got to read.


  6. Natalie

    They added this additional warranty recently, but for people who have used their cases for the last few years, they will not back repair or replace phones damaged by water, which was their original promise, although that promise is now, of course, removed from their website.


  7. David

    Ok let me first say the case works as described. I purchased the blk fre for my iphone5, for the purpose of tracking my swim times. The case exceeded the 1 hour water proof limit. 1) During the initial test I put the case in the sink overnight without any leaks. 2) Next I tested it in the washer for a full cycle, the case again passed with flying colors. Now the problem!
    The reason I purchased this case like I said was because I planned to begin tracking my lap times during swimming. The added security came from knowing that Lifeproof advertised that should anything happen to your phone that they would replace the phone (so long as it was the cases fault), this sealed the deal for myself. Then while reading through the entire warranty I discovered that Lifeproofs claim of warranty was misleading. Lifeproof will not replace your phone unless the Lifeproof cases are purchased through either Verizon or Lifeproof itself and no others. I was in such disbelief that I emailed support, who informed me that they indeed would not honor their advertisement unless the case was purchased at the two previous mentioned locations ONLY! No exceptions. I’m sending the case back as soon as I receive the email from Amazon.


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