DEA Thinks iMessage Encryption is Too Tough


A leaked document from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) obtained by CNet says Apple’s iMessage makes it difficult to listen in on drug suspects’ text conversations. The document says the encryption Apple uses on iMessage makes it “impossible to intercept iMessages between two Apple devices.” Even after obtaining SMS logs from carriers the agency is […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Root for Qualcomm LTE Version a Success

The Samsung Galaxy S4 back comes off to offer access to a Micro SD card slot and a removable battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 root is successful, opening the door to customizations and ROMS on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powered Galaxy S4. This Galaxy S4 root is different than the originally reported root in that it is actually tested on the Samsung Galaxy S4, by Chainfire, a well-known¬†member fo the developer community. Earlier this week […]

Purple Galaxy S3 Bound for Sprint Ahead of Galaxy S4

A Purple Samsung Galaxy S3 appears destined for an April 12th release.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple first appeared just after the Samsung Galaxy S4 event, and now documents appear to show a the Purple Galaxy S3 is arriving on Sprint ahead of the Galaxy S4. A purple Galaxy S3 leak showed off the royal-looking device last month, but other than the new purple color there’s […]

Google, Opera Dumping WebKit for New Blink Browser Standard


Google and Opera had announced that they will be moving their browsers away from the open source WebKit rendering standard to the new forked, Google-developed Blink standard in the future. The move would affect Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and the Opera browser. “This was not an easy decision,” Google writes in its blog. “We […]

Flipboard for Android Now Supports Hover in Anticipation for Galaxy S4


Flipboard has updated its Android news reader app in advance of Samsung’s release of the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone to support new hover gestures. Hover is part of the touchscreen technology that will be debuting with the Galaxy S4 where users can point to a screen–and not touch the display–to evoke additional actions, similar to […]

Apple Rumored to Wed iRing Controller to iTV, Coming This Year

Apple's iRing to rule your iTV; image: Lord of the Rings

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White speculates that Apple will introduce its much rumored iTV this year in a 60-inch screen size and would retail anywhere between $1500 and $2500. White says that a 50- and 55-inch variants may also be made available, likely to offer lower entry-level price points. Previous reports of the iTV […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Edges Out Samsung Galaxy S4 in Video Stabilization Test


It looks like Nokia’s PureView 2.0 technology on its Windows Phone-powered Lumia 920 is giving Samsung’s Galaxy S4 a run for its money in terms of video stabilization. When the flagship Lumia 920 debuted, Nokia had incorporated–one of the first for its kind–an optical image stabilization mechanism that would allow for stablized video recordings and […]