Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumors Point to Improved Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is rumored to be coming later this year, has been rumored to have a much improved camera over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with rumors suggesting that Samsung will be fastening a top of the line 13MP camera on board the phablet device.

For several months now, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have swirled, suggesting that Samsung has a powerful and larger phablet up its sleeve to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Currently, the device is thought to be coming with a 5.99 to 6-inch 1080p display, Galaxy S4 design, a Exynos 5 Octa processor and a release date that should take place in the weeks after a September launch at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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The Galaxy Note 3 will likely have a 13MP camera sensor.

The Galaxy Note 3 will likely have a 13MP camera sensor.

Rumors have also suggested that the device will have a 13MP camera, an upgrade from the 8MP sensors found on the original Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2, and the same amount of megapixels found with on the Galaxy S4 sensor.

Today, a report from ETNews has seemingly backed those rumors up, as it suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will indeed have a 13MP camera when it arrives and it’s possible that the company will include optical image stabilization and 3x optical zoom. Those two functions don’t appear to be set in stone yet however.

This lines up with the rumors that we’ve heard previously and is a sign that Samsung will be not only improve the Samsung Galaxy S camera but the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 13MP camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 13MP camera.

While we haven’t seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 itself, we have seen a possible image taken with its camera. The photo by no means was anything special and it may have just been a shot taken by someone testing out the Galaxy Note 3 ahead of its eventual launch later this year.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 3 in the beginning of September at an Unpacked event that will likely coincide with the IFA conference that kicks off in Berlin, Germany. The past two Galaxy Note models have been announced at IFA, so it would be surprising to see Samsung skip it with the Galaxy Note 3 announcement.