Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

When the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement took place, Samsung spared no effort to also create a set of accessories. The official accessories provide some compelling tools to help users get the most out of the new flagship phone. The accessories Samsung announced included a few cases, including a flip cover that lets users see part of the screen without opening it up. Samsung also promised a wireless charging system, but we won’t see that till later this year. Samsung also offers a video game controller that holds the phone and connects via Bluetooth.

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These Samsung branded accessories join others already released that work with the new phone. As we fully expect third-party manufacturers to support this next generation of the most popular Android phone, we thought we’d look for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories available to date from Samsung and third-party venders. We’ve included cases, charging accessories, sound devices and more. We’re hoping to see even more as the Samsung Galaxy S4 replaces the S3 as one of the best Android phones available to date. For now, check out our choices in the slideshow below.

Rokform RokDock

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Rokform RokDock

The Rockform RokDock gives Samsung Galaxy S4 owners an excellent machined-aluminum dock that charges the phone while also syncing with a computer via the included micro-USB cable connected to a computer, or just an AC-to-USB adapter for charging only. The weight keeps the dock in place. An adjustable insert lets users connect the phone in a case or without a case. See our written review. The RokDock takes a small amount of assembly to connect the charging cable.

Buy the Rokform RokDock for $99.99 at the company's website.

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