Moto X vs. iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S: Consumers Split on Upgrades

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The Moto X is making waves with a plethora of customization options and a focus on features instead of specs, drawing comparisons to the iPhone.

Motorola is counting on consumer desire to customize and take ownership of their smartphone as well as a new always listening feature to lure iPhone users away from Apple and the iPhone 5S this fall.

Everything about the Moto X feels like a pointed attack on the iPhone 5S, right down to a release that arrives as iPhone 4S owners can upgrade to a new phone, but before an iPhone 5S release arrives.

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The Moto X counts on customization and always listening to draw in iPhone users.

The Moto X counts on customization and always listening to draw in iPhone users.

A new note from Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, claims the Moto X will not pull customers away from the iPhone. While the note doesn’t mention any specific iPhone models, consumers will be comparing the Moto X to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S this fall.

In the note shared by Apple Insider Munster writes the Moto X isn’t, “significantly different than [the Galaxy S4 and HTC One] to change the current market dynamics between Android and iPhone.”

Motorola will soon offer a wood Moto X customization option.

Motorola will soon offer a wood Moto X customization option.

Shortly after the Moto X announcement consumers took to Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions on the Moto X vs. iPhone debate. This is ahead of a 500 million dollar Moto X advertising campaign which according to the early reactions has a few fans, but definitely needs to wow the public.

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If Motorola hopes to make the Moto X customization a big part of getting iPhone users to switch to the Moto X, offering an exclusive on customization to AT&T was an odd move. While the Moto X isn’t going to sink or swim on early adopters, the fact that Verizon may not sell the customizable Moto X until after the iPhone 5S release arrives is not good news for Motorola and Google.

Switching from iPhone to Moto X

The following consumers are ready to buy the Moto X, or contemplating the switch from an iPhone. A statement on Twitter or Facebook is not the same as using the Moto Maker to customize a Moto X and handing over their cash, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Can the Moto X convince iPhone users to switch?

Can the Moto X convince iPhone users to switch?

At least one shopper shows some signs of regret for his recent iPhone 5 purchase, but doesn’t appear ready to return it.

Sticking with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S

Even though some users are already convinced that the Moto X is a good replacement, or at least a possible purchase, many iPhone users are laser focused on Apple.

The Moto X release date is set for August or early September, when it will hit all major carriers for $199 to $249, right as the iPhone 5S launch and release are on the horizon.

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